Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs


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Game Cheats:
Steal Frogs:
If you get a fog from your mailbox and press 'Place' and tap 'Habitat' with two fingers you can sometimes copy and steal your neighbours frogs.
Breeding Chroma Frogs:
Breed a White Tingo Crustalli and a Glass Albeo Crustalli to get a Glass Chroma Crustalli or alternately you can breed a Aqua Albeo Velatus with a Orange Viola Marinus to have a chance of getting a Aqua Chroma Marinus.
Free Baby Proofing:
Do the following trick to avoid buying a baby-proof kit. Change the day on your iPod forward then go to the nursery and move the newly hatched frogs out of it and change the date back to the correct one. The eggs will appear where you left them.
Frog Collector:
Select 'Take Frog' when you win a race and press two frogs you want fast at the same time. If done correctly two boxes will appear with a message, choose 'Yes' and the frogs will be sent to your mailbox.
Fast Progression:
To move through the game as quickly as possible, follow these tips:

Always use the most expensive frogs at your present level.

Use these frogs to breed and provide eight eggs.

You should now go to the phone settings and change the time on the phone so that the eggs hatch out.

You can now return to the game and sell your new frogs.

XP is given for breeding and money is given for selling the frogs - once they've been sold, you can set the time back to what it was before.

By complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding special awards and titles.

2 Bee Or Not 2 Bee:
Collect 2 mature Golden Picea Partiri frogs in one habitat.

Asphalt Camoflage:
Collect 8 mature Black Aurum Cesti frogs in one habitat.

Bacon Bits:
Collect 8 mature Maroon Ceres Marmorea frogs in one habitat.

Banana Bunch:
Collect a mature Golden Bruna Puncti, Golden Bruna Crustalli, and Golden Bruna Velatus in one habitat.

Band Together:
Collect a mature Black Callaina Cesti, Black Folium Cesti, Black Floris Cesti, and Black Carota Cesti in one habitat.

Black and White:
Collect a mature White Picea Puncti, White Picea Roboris, and White Oicea Spinae in one habitat.

Black Widows:
Collect 8 mature Black Tingo Viduo frogs in one habitat.

Breed Expert:
Collect 100% of any breed in the Froggydex.

Breeding Machine:
Collect 32 frogs at once.

Collect a mature Cocos Cafea Marmorea, Cocos Cafea Velatus, and Cocos Cafea Bovis in one habitat.

Cattle Drive:
Collect 4 mature White Bruna Bovis and 4 White Picea Bovis frogs in one habitat.

Citrus Mixtus:
Collect a Lime Folium Mixtus, Yellow Aurum Mixtus, and Orange Carota Mixtus in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Azure lbeo Spinae frogs in one habitat.

Collect a mature Azure, Violet, Yellow, and Black Picea Anura in one habitat.

Code Red:
Collect a mature Red Ting Crustalli, Red Tingo Marmorea, and Red Tingo Zebrae in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Beige Bruna Adamantis frogs in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Blue Folium Spinae frogs in one habitat.

Earth Day:
Collect 8 mature Azure Folium Bovis frogs in one habitat.

Endangered 1:
Collect a mature Red Albeo Sagitta, and a Purple Carota Amfractus in one habitat.

Endangered 2:
Collect a mature Marine Picea Ornatus, and a Maroom Aurum Sol in one habitat.

Endangered 3:
Collect a mature Lime Caelus Lucus, and Black Floris Ligo in one habitat.

Endangered 4:
Collect a mature Violet Callaina Corona, and Cocos Folium Arbor in one habitat.

Feeling Blue:
Collect a mature Blue Caelus Adamantis, Blue Caelus Viduo, and Blue Caelus Stellata in one habitat.

Foul Line:
Collect 8 mature Olvie Albeo Cesti frogs in one habitat.

Frog Basics:
Collect 10 frogs at once.

Frog Farmer:
Collect 64 frogs at once.

Frog Fortune:
Collect 100,000 coins.

Frog Friend:
Collect 100 lifetime frogs.

Frog Soldiers:
Collect a mature Olive Bruna, Beige Ceres, and Black Albeo Velatus in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Tangelo Aurum Lanterna frogs in one habitat.

Collect 1,000 lifetime frogs.

Froggydexter 1:
Collect 250 frogs in the Froggydex.

Froggydexter 2:
Collect 500 frogs in the Froggydex.

Froggydexter 3:
Collect 1,000 frogs in the Froggydex.

Froggydexter 4:
Collect 5,000 frogs in the Froggydex.

Fruit Stripe:
Collect an Emerald, Yellow, Red, and Orange Albeo Pariti in one habitat.

Collect 2 pond presents in a single trip.

Gold Rush:
Collect a mature Golden Aurum Spinae, Golden Aurum Cesti, and Golden Aurum Serpentis in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Purple Folium Clunicula frogs in one habitat.

Collect a mature Emerald Muscus Crustalli, Emerald Muscus Puncti, and Emerald Muscus Roboris in one habitat.

Guide to the Galaxy:
Collect 8 mature Black Aurum Stellata frogs in one habitat.

I Choose You:
Collect 8 mature Yellow Tingo Anura frogs in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Black Albeo Partiri or White Picea Partiri frogs in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Red Oicea Puncti frogs in one habitat.

Legendary 1:
Collect a mature Olvie Albeo Ocularis, and Violet Caelus Insero in one habitat.

Legendary 2:
Collect a mature Black Albeo Biplex, and Blue Albeo Pingo in one habitat.

Legendary 3:
Collect a mature Black Floris Calvaria, and Olive Folium Floresco in one habitat.

Legendary 4:
Collect a mature Yellow Pruni Magus, and Green Aurum Veru in one habitat.

Muddy Buddies:
Collect 8 mature Cocos Cafea Crustall frogs in one habitat.

New Parent:
Collect 24 frogs at once.

Collect 8 mature Black Albeo Nimbillis frogs in one habitat.

Ninja Dojo:
Collect a mature Black Picea Serpentis, Black Picea Partiri, and Black Picea Zebrae in one habitat.

Orange Country:
Collect a mature Orange Carota Partiri, Orange Carota Zebrae, and Orange Carota Marmorea in one habitat.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time:
Collect 8 mature Beige Pruni Marmorea frogs in one habitat.

Piggy Bank:
Collect 10,000 coins.

Polka Party:
Collect a mture White Carota, White Viola, White Caelus, and White Muscus Puncti frogs in one habitat.

Pretty In Pink:
Collect a mature Royal Floris Roboris, Royal Floris Viduo, and Royal Floris Clunicula in one habitat.

Purple Pride:
Collect a mature Purple Viola Puncti, Purple Viola Clunicula, and Purple Viola Bovis in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Cocos Ceres Serpentis frogs in one habitat.

Red China:
Collect 8 mature Red Aurum Stellata frogs in one habitat.

River Rock:
Collect 8 mature Black Caelus Cesti frogs in one habitat.

Collect 4 mature Beige Bruna Africanus and 4 mature Wjite Picea Zebrae frogs in one habitat.

Single Rainbow:
Collect a mature Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink Albeo Anura in one habitat.

Snake Den:
Collect 8 mature Olive Folium Serpentis frogs in one habitat.

Team America:
Collect 3 Blue Albeo Stellata and 5 Maroon Albeo Partiri in one habitat.

Tiger Style:
Collect 8 mature Tengelo Albeo Calyx frogs in one habitat.

Treasure Hunter:
Collect 2 rare pond presents in a single trip.

Tree Hug:
Collect a mature Cocos Folium Anura, Cocos Folium Nasus, and Cocos Folium Clunicula in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Black Floris Tribus frogs in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Violet Albeo Roboris frogs in one habitat.

Collect 8 mature Green Floris Nasus frogs in one habitat.

Yellow Fever:
Collect a mature Yellow Aurum Zebrae, Yellow Aurum Crustalli, and Yellow Aurum Anura in one habitat.

Yin and Yang:
Collect a mature Black Albeo Spinae and a White Picea Spinae in one habitat.
Find the presents and frogs!!
Ok, here are the steps you must follow to complete the cheat:
(1) Go to the pond
(2) Find a HUGE dragonfly
(3) Follow it, but if you accidently eat it then go in the dirrection it pointed at when you ate it.
(4) So, keep going in that dirrection
(5) You should find a present/gift or frog

Getting Extra Frogs in Racing:
When you're racing frogs, choose the fastest frog that you own (normally, one of your rarest frogs). Make sure that it's happiness bar is full. Race it, and if you come in first place, choose to take a frog instead of receiving money. When you are asked to choose which frog you take, press all of the frogs at the same time to have all of them sent to your mailbox. It helps to have someone with you to press extra frogs.

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