Pokemon Ruby - Shedinja

Pokemon Ruby - Shedinja
Train a Nincada to level 20 with at least one pokeball and no more then 5 pokemon in your party. After Nincada hits level 20 it evolves into Ninjask but in your empty space you will also have a Shedinja.

Warning: you have to do this after you defet the pokmon leage and u should have an mach bike. Ffirst thing you do is that you surf right from pacificlog town. After that you should find 2 rocks that you can go through. Then you find a cave, you go up and you will find a building. You have to really handle it, Raquaza is level 70 so watch out.

The most easy way to catch Kyogre:
If you doesn't find the master-ball at the hideout, you just have to get 20 netballs and go find Kyogre at the cave of origin. You will find Waterfall in this cave.

Best pokemon:
The best pokemon to take is Mudkip it can beat fire pokemon. Give him an ice attack and it can beat grass pokemon too.

Find Shards:
To find shards from wild pokemon use dive in the route between Lilycove City and Mossdeep City, then find a Chinchou, Relicanth or Clamperl. They might be holding shards. Then go to the treasure hunter and exchange the shards for evolution stones.

Find Shellbell:
To get a Shellbell go to the Shoal cave and get 4 shoal shells and 4 shoal salts. Give them to the man at the enterance and he will give you a Shellbell. To get shoal shell go in the cave at high tide and "talk" to a blue lump. Tto get shoal salt go in the cave at low tide and look for lumps that look like ash piles. The ingedients grow back after a day. The Shellbell works like leftovers. NOTE: High tide is at 10:00 a.m. and low tide is at 4:00 p.m. shoal cave is north of mossdeep.

Find Milotic:
1. Go to Mauville city
2. Go east and surf to the fisher on the other side
3. Get a good rod from him
4. Go to route 119 and surf and fish for Feebas
5. Give Feebas 22 beauty pokeblocks
6. Raise it some levels and it will evolve into Milotic.

Legendary Locations:
LV 40 Registeel: Ancient tomb route 120
LV 40 Regice: Island cave route 105
LV 40 Regirock: Desert ruins route 111. NOTE he is harder to catch than the other 2.
LV 40 Latios: Randomly seen in Ruby
LV 45 Groudon: Cave of origin in Sootopolis Ruby
70 Rayquaza: Sky pillar route 131

TM list:
TM 01 Focus Punch: Found at Route 115.
TM 02 Dragon Claw: Found at Meteor Falls.
TM 03 Water Pulse: Found at Sootopolis City Gym.
TM 04 Calm Mind: Found at Mossdeep City Gym.
TM 05 Roar: Found at Route 114.
TM 06 Toxic: Found at Fiery Path.
TM 07 Hail: Found at Shoal Cave.
TM 08 Bulk Up: Found at Dewford Town Gym.
TM 09 Bullet Seed: Found at Route 104.
TM 10 Hidden Power: Found at Slateport City/Fortree City. Costs 3,000
TM 11 Sunny Day: Found at Scorched Slab.
TM 12 Taunt: Found at Trick House.
TM 13 Ice Beam: Found at Mauvile City/ Abondoned Ship. Costs 4,000
TM 14 Blizzard: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 5,500
TM 15 Hyper Beam: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 7,500
TM 16 Light Screen: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 17 Protect: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 18 Rain Dance: Found at Abondoned Ship.
TM 19 Giga Drain: Found at Route 123.
TM 20 Safeguard: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 21 Frustration: Found at Pacifidlog Town.
TM 22 Solarbeam: Found at Safari Zone.
TM 23 Iron Tail: Found at Meteor Falls.
TM 24 Thunderbolt: Found at Mauville City. Costs 4,000
TM 25 Thunder: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 5,500
TM 26 Earthquake: Found at Seafloor Cavern.
TM 27 Return: Found at Fallarbor Town/Pacifidlog Town.
TM 28 Dig: Found at Route 114.
TM 29 Psychic: Found at Mauville City/Victory Road. Costs 3,500
TM 30 Shadow Ball: Found at Mt. Pyre.
TM 31 Brick Break: Found at Sootopolis City.
TM 32 Double Team : Found at Mauville City. Costs 1,500
TM 33 Reflect: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 3,000
TM 34 Shock Wave: Found at Mauville City Gym.
TM 35 Flamethrower: Found at Mauville City. Costs 4,000
TM 36 Sludge Bomb: Found at Dewford Town.
TM 37 Sandstorm: Found at Route 111.
TM 38 Fire Blast: Found at Lilycove Dept. Store. Costs 5,5000
TM 39 Rock Tomb: Found at Rustboro City Gym.
TM 40 Aerial Ace: Found at Fortree City Gym.
TM 41 Torment: Found at Slateport City.
TM 42 Facade: Found at Petalburg City Gym.
TM 43 Secret Power: Found at Slateport City/Route 111. Costs 3,000
TM 44 Rest: Found at Lilycove City.
TM 45 Attract: Found at Verdanturf Town.
TM 46 Thief: Found at Slateport City.
TM 47 Steel Wing: Found at Granite Cave.
TM 48 Skill Swap: Found at Mt. Pyre.
TM 49 Snatch: Found at S.S. Tidal.
TM 50 Overheat: Found at Lavaridge Town Gym.

To get Rayquaza:
After defeating the pokemon league go to pacifidlog town and surf east until you see two rocks that you can fit through then go into the cave.Next you will see a building.Go into it.There are six flours.the first 3 floors are easy but on the 4th floor try falling in the middle of the last 4 cracks.

Get Exp.Share:
To get Exp.Share go to the boss of devon co. After you deliver the letter to Steven. Talk to him he will give it to youHINT: To use Exp.Share attach it to a week pokemon in your party and fight with your strong pokemon in the first position

Mirage Island:
There is an island called Mirage Island. Mirage Island can only appear if you have a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon in your party. Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon are found randomly in the wild like an ordinary wild pokemon. If you catch a pokemon and bring it to the man in Pacifilog town in the bottom most house he will tell you if you have a pokemon that can find Mirage Island.

How to get two rare berries every day:
You have to go to sootopolis city. Go to the girl beside the three trees and talk to her and she'll give you two berries. you can only do this once a day.

Evolve Levels:
Treeko - evolve at lv.16
Grovyle evolved form of treeko - evolve at lv.36
Torchick - evolves at lv.16
Combusken evolved form of torchick - evolves at lv.36
Mudkip - evolves at lv.16
Marshtop evolved form of Mudkip - evolves at lv.36
Poochyana - evolves at lv.18
Carivan - evolves at lv.30 or 34?

To get Korphish, go to Mauville. Make a left. You will see two little ponds. Use a Super Rod to fish in the top pond. You can find Korphish up to level 38.

Berry Master:
Tell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to get the following berries:
SUPER HUSTLE: You will get a Belue Berry.
COOL LATIOS: You will get a Durin Berry.
CHALLENGE CONTEST: You will get a Pamtre Berry.
GREAT BATTLE: You will get a Spelon Berry.
OVERWHELMING LATIAS: You will get a Watmel Berry.

Battle Tower Prizes:
Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:
1-5 Victories:

6 or more Victories:
Bright Powder
Choice Band
Focus Band
King's Rock
Mental Herb
Quick Claw
Scope Lens
White Herb

50 Victories in a row:
Award Ribbon
Silver Shield

100 Victories in a row
Gold Shield

Mystery Event:
After you beat the Elite Four, go to Petalburg City and talk to the man by the computer. He'll ask you for a profile. Tell him "Mystery Event Is Excited". After you're done talking to him, save your game and turn your GameBoy off and then back on. You'll now have the Mystery Event option unlocked.

Battle in a Friend's Secret Base:
Once you link up at Pokemon Record Corner, your friend's Secret Base will appear in your game. Once you enter the Hall of Fame, find the Base, and you'll be able to fight your friend there.

Unlock Jirachi:
Get 200 pokemon to unlock Jirachi.

Unlock National Pokedex:
Trade from Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green.

Unlock Rare Stones:
You can find there near Mossdeep, under the water. You have to go to the Hunter's House.
Fire Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Red Shard.
Leaf Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Green Shard.
Thunder Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Yellow Shard.
Water Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Blue Shard.

Unlock Scarfs:
Blue Scarf: make sure you have maximum beauty on lead Pokmon.
Green Scarf: make sure you have maximum smartness on lead Pokmon.
Pink Scarf: make sure you have maximum cuteness on lead Pokmon.
Red Scarf: make sure you have maximum coolness on lead Pokmon. Yellow Scarf: make sure you have maximum toughness on lead Pokmon.

Beat Elite 4:
The best pokemon to use to beat the ELITE FOUR is to use a Kyogre about a level 80-100. The recommended moves are Water pulse Weak but effective, Thunder Strange for a water pokemon to know a electric move but it can, Sheer cold Rubbish accuracy but a ONE-KO hit, Water Spout Like a ONE-KO hit always use when enemy has full HP

Get TM 28 Dig:
Go to Fallarbor Town then go to the house on Route 114 right beside Fallarbor Town to the west. Talk to the little girl inside there and she will give you TM 28 which contains Dig. NOTE: You will need Dig if you want to get the Three Regis Pokemon.

How to catch Rayquaza:
To catch Rayquaza you need an Altaria lvl 57 that knows Sing. A Groundon lvl 90 and a Blaziken lvl 66. Rayquaza is lvl 70 and can learn fly, rock smash, surf and strength. Its a dragon and flying type pokemon. Start with Groundon. Use Groundon's thunder 5 times then switch with Blaziken. Use Blazikens sky uppercut until he is on red health then use Altarias sing then use ultra balls. If he wakes up and uses rest do this again but if he wakes up just use sing again. p.s. Save in front of Rayquaza.