Powerslide - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During gameplay enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
APOLLO Car Rises Off Ground Hold Alt
BLAST Repels Other Cars
BOMB Launches Bomb Onto Track
BURN Briefly Ignites a Spot Near Your Car
GLIDER Car Glides Jump and Brake
HOVER Hovercars
ICBM Car Acts Like a Missile
JUMP Car Jumps Several Feet in Air
LAUNCH Press 'a' to launch a car 'z' to move in the direction you're facing
LIGHT Lighter Car
LUNAR Lunar Gravity
SLEEP AI Cars Don't Steer They Just Accelerate
SLIPPY Slippery Surfaces
SPIDER Car Sticks to Any Surface
STICKY Stick Surfaces
SUCK Cars Gravitate Towards Each Other
TIMEWARP Slows Time for AI Opponents
TWISTER AI Cars Get Whipped Around by an Invisible Tornado
WARP Other Cars Crawl Over Track

More Various Cheats

At the Signin screen:

Type Jeff as your h3 Access Advanced Levels
Type AaronFoo as your h3 Access Expert Levels
Type Megasaxon as your h3 Access all levels/AIs

All Cars and Tracks

Put the h3 in RAVIOLI then go to Multiplayer and select TCP/IP. Then select Cheats and Supercar at the top. Select your car at the bottom and the track you want to race on then exit multiplayer. Now immediately select Race.

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