Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:

Unlock Bancho Ratchet Skin:
Pause the game, then press Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, R3



My Blaster Runs Really, Really Hot
Objective: Score 10,000 points on My Blaster Runs Hot.

Q-Force Cadet
Objective: Complete the game on Casual.

Bronze Champion
Objective: Win the Bronze Tournament.

Silver Champion
Objective: Win the Silver Tournament.

Gold Champion
Objective: Win the Gold Tournament.

Raritanium Champion
Objective: Win the Raritanium Tournament.

Fastoon Warrior
Objective: Upgrade one weapon to level 5.

For a Rainy Day
Objective: Collect 10,000 bolts.

Greed is Good
Objective: Collect 50,000 bolts.


Q-Force Hero
Objective: Complete the game on Medium.

Zoni Collector
Objective: Rescue all Zoni.

Bolt Collector
Objective: Collect all gold bolts.

The Gunsmith
Objective: Collect all Constructo modifications.

The Samaritan
Objective: Complete all space missions.

Retirement Fund
Objective: Collect 250,000 bolts.


Preferred Customer
Objective: Purchase all GrummelNet Weapons.

Objective: Collect 1,000,000 bolts.

Q-Force Champion
Objective: Complete the game on Hard.

Glutton for Punishment
Objective: Complete a Challenge Mode playthrough.


The Lombax Triumphant
Objective: Collect all trophies in the game.

Secret Trophies:

It Belongs in a Museum (Bronze)
Objective: Retrieve Chief Zahn's Zoni Vessel.

Rude Awakening (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Great Clock, Sector One.

Junior Caretaker (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler

Senior Caretaker (Bronze)
Objective: Repair temporal damage caused by Dr. Nefarious.

The General's Pupil (Bronze)
Objective: Master the hoverboots.

Savior of Axiom City (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy the VX-99.

Apogee Explorer (Bronze)
Objective: Find the Obsidian Eye

Time Keeper (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock the Orvus Chamber.

88 MPH (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat General Azimuth and save the universe

Leave no Lombax Behind (Bronze)
Objective: Save General Azimuth from Lord Vorselon's clutches.

Paradox Hero (Bronze)
Objective: Confront Dr. Nefarious in the past

Somebody Call For Backup? (Bronze)
Objective: Stop the Agorians from destroying Gimlick Valley.

Just Like Old Times (Bronze)
Objective: Reunite with Clank.

Party Crasher (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy Dr. Nefarious' armada.

Revenge of the Squishy (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat Dr. Nefarious

Insomniac (Bronze)
Objective: Visit the Insomniac Museum.

Terraklon Assassin (Gold)
Objective: Vanquish Lord Vorselon.

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