Rayman - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Code Effect
V2D9HX3PQZ World 1 with 99 lives.
MNB9MP2? World 2 with 99 lives.
J5VLFP58VB Finished Music
J5KZZC8MD Finished Mountains
SMKV7WSXD Finished Caves
T64H5M?BB Access to Space Mama
?2MC9JGTB Access to Skops
SX2ZP58MD Finished Image
492KV3W9XD Freed All Electoons
FJSJC62OP All Electoons and All Levels

Big Rayman

After the Ubi Soft logo appears press and hold L1 L2 R1 R2. Keep them held until the animation of the brick wall appears then hold Start. Keep all buttons held including Start until the screen turns black.

10 continues and a TV image of Rayman

To get a TV image of Rayman pause the game. Press and hold down the R2 button while pressing: Circle Circle Left Circle Circle. Perform the code again to turn if off. If you are on the Stop/Continue screen and have 0 to 2 continues remaining press: Up Down Right Left for 10 more continues.

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