Rebel Assault 2 - Cheat Mode


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Cheat Mode

At the Main Menu hold Alt V to enter the code screen. Release the buttons and type letgo. Once you see Using the Force press Space Bar and hold Alt V again. Now type isnotry. During gameplay press any of the following:

Alt L Toggles unlimited lives on or off.
Heal any damage.
Esc Skips not only cut scenes but playable s too.
Alt J Allows you to jump directly to any level. After pressing this press a key '1' to '9' for levels one through nine or 'a' to 'f' for levels ten to fifteen.
Alt P Auto play mode. This enables the omputer to play the game for you. You can turn this off by pressing Alt P again.
Alt M Movie mode this makes the game skip the playeble modes and just allows you to watch all the cut scenes in one shot.

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