Rise of Nations - Cheats


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In game, press ENTER then type in cheats from leftcolumn:

cheat resource all1000 > 1000 more of all resources
cheat die name > kill object/all selected
cheat safe > machine guns @ capitals
cheat sandbox > all players human&full map
cheat ai on, off, debug> set AI state
cheat diff 0-5 > set game difficulty
cheat achieve > display all achievements
cheat ally name > force alliance with nation
cheat war name > force war with nation
cheat meet name > force encounter with nation
cheat peace name > force peace with nation
cheat defeat name > defeat nation
cheat victory name > victory for nation
cheat human name > turn off computer control
cheat computer name > turn on computer control
cheat unmeet name > stop force encounter
cheat technametech or allon or of > force tech
cheat resource namegoodtype or all or -number
cheat military number name > see or change army
cheat age number name> see or change age of nation
cheat civic numbername> see or change civic level
cheat commerce numbername > show or change commerc
cheat science numbername > show or change science
cheat library numbername > modify library tech
cheat reveal on or off > toggle full map
cheat ranges 0 or 1 > show combat ranges
cheat bbox 0 or 1 > toggle bounding box mode
cheat damage name or no entry or -number
cheat insert numbertypewho=REDx,y
cheat add numbertypewho=REDx,y
cheat finish > finishes next item in que
cheat nuke > drop a nuke at pointer
cheat bird > drop a wild bird at point
cheat deploy > deploys selected units
cheat pack > packs selected units
cheat explore normal, explored, all > mod explr conf
cheat pause 0 or 1 > toggle game pause

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