Rival Schools: Evolution - Edit Character Tests

Rival Schools: Evolution - Edit Character Tests

Edit Character Tests

If you want to edit a character you will have to beat the following six tests:1st Testa. Walk Forward or Back tap F or Bb. Crouch or Jump tap D or Uc. Low Punch or High Punchd. Low Kick or High Kicke. Compilation2nd Testa. Run Forward or Hop Back tap FF or BBb. Side Step Foreground or Backgroundc. Crouch Jump or High Jump DFd. Throwe. Compilation3rd Testa. Falling Save when falling tap any 2 buttonsb. Roll when lying on the ground tap F B U or Dc. Team Assist PKd. Compilation4th Testa. Air Bash DF P/K then U and attackb. Rolling Attack same as roll but press HP/HK button to attackc. Teddy Counter when you blocking press F any buttond. Burning Vigor Attacke. Compilation5th Testa. Turning Side Step FF D/U Sidestepb. Anti Throw press Throw when the opponent is trying to throw you.c. Anti Attack press any attack when the opponent is trying to attack you... Timingd. Counter Burning Vigor Attacke. CompilationFinal Testa. Compilation 1st Testb. Compilation 2nd Testc. Compilation 3rd Testd. Compilation 4th and 5th Teste. Compilation allf. Attack 30xThen you'll have Clear data.

Fight the Real Boss

When you are at the seventh fight defeat your opponents with a team up super and you'll go to fight Hyo.

Secret Characters

Beat the Story mode with Hinata Natsu Tifanny and Keiko.