Riviera: The Promised Land - Key to Hell


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Key to Hell:
In chapter 5, when you reach the "ankh and water maze", put the T ankh in the blue crystal. Go to screen 6 and check the rock twice. You'll enter the Gate to Hell where you'll fight the Zombie Dragon. Beat him to get the Key to Hell which allows you to fight Hades after you beat the game.

Unlock Bonus Chapter:
Obtain Event Item "Key to Hell".

Unlock CG Collection:
Obtain Event Item "Album".

Unlock Face Collection:
Obtain Event Item "Magic Mirrow".

Unlock High Score:
Obtain Event Item "Valdes Scripture".

Unlock Item Manual:
Obtain Event Item "Item Manual".

Unlock Sound Test:
Obtain Event Item "Music Sheet".

Unlock Voice Collection:
Obtain Event Item "Spiral Shell".

Fanelia Beam:
The Fanelia is a one-time use item that does 999 damage for 8 consecutive hits and is the strongest weapon in the game. It can only be found after stage 5 or 6. After being transferred back to Elendia, go to Undine spring and use the look option to examine the ground. It will give the player option of digging. Dig the ground 5 times and you will will find the Fanelia, which can be used to fire the Fanelia Beam.

Getting a higher rank:
To get a higher rank in a battle, make sure that the final move you use in that battle is Ledah's Over Skill called "Lost Seraph". If done correctly, Ledah will say "Pay for your sins with death" and you should get a higher rank. For example, assume that there are three enemies. Kill two of them and have one remaining. Lower the final enemy's HP down enough for Ledah to finish him off with Lost Seraph. The battle will end and Ledah should say "Pay for your sins with death". You should now have a higher score and a rank.

Extra Contents
Bonus Chapter - Obtain Event Item "Key to Hell"
Voice Collection - Obtain Event Item "Spiral Shell"
Face Collection - Obtain Event Item "Magic Mirror"
High Score - Obtain Event Item "Valdes Scripture"
Sound Test - Obtain Event Item "Music Sheet"
Item Manual - Obtain Event Item "Item Manual"
CG Collection - Obtain Event Item "Album"

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