Sacrifice - Creature and Spell List


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Submitted by CyberMan

Creature and Spell List

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by Linkitch

Various Cheats

During gameplay press Ctrl Shift and type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
bythepowerofgrayskull Full Heal
ihavethepower Full Mana
yourbulletscannotharmme The Wizard is Invincible
dontfearthereaper Adds Souls
castratetheheathens Wizard Can Collect Red Spirits
timeisonmyside Resets the Spell Timers
aplethoraof monster h3 Summon 4 monster h3
alliwantforxmasisa monster h3 Summon 1 monster h3
gimmegimmegimme spell h3 Give spell h3

Submitted by NeoBlade48

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