Sega Ages Volume 1 - Arcade Mode Afterburner 2


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Arcade Mode Afterburner 2

At the Sega logo press A C Start on Controller Two. Then press L to increase the credits.

Debug Mode Afterburner 2

First enter the code above Arcade Mode then press X Y Z Start on Controller Two.

Bonus Options Afterburner 2

At the Options screen press R R R.

Extra Options Out Run

Press A C Start.

Smooth Frame Rate

At the Main Menu highlight Game Mode hold A C and press Left until Overseas appear.

Arcade Mode Out Run

At the Title screen when the Sega logo appears press A C Start on Controller Two. Press L on Controller One to insert coins.

Operator Screen Out Run

Enter the above code Arcade Mode then hold X Y Z Start on Controller One.

All Jewels Columns Arcade Collection

At the Columns Title screen press L7x C.

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