Settlers IV, The - Win Level


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Win Level

Press Enter and type 'wqsa' to enable cheat mode. Then type 'win'.
Submitted by NRGizer

Various Cheats

Press enter while playing, then write:

for version 1.1: wqsa
for version 1.0 1.2 osv. : ympq , next version is mkolp
Then you shoud se the message:
Cheat activated and no other text.

Then Press enter again and write:

Cheat: Effect:
win - win current level
lose - lose current level
incr - Increase resources
Submitted by cRCa

Time Faster

Press F12 to make time go faster by 1 minute


When you have good resources coming in. Build a castle surrounded by large towers and garrison them fully with any level soldiers preferably level 3 soldiers. Enemy usually attacks at the 60 minute - 90 minute mark so when enemy attacks send all of your remaining soldiers to attack enemy towers. This should weaken the enemy alot and help you defeat them.

Great Roman Tip

When you are playing Romans at this game build up your manna and large temples quickly for when your enemy attacks you can convert many of his soldiers to your side. Things you should convert are Squad Leaders and their few level 3 archers and swordsmen. If you convert their unique unit eg. an axeman he will become a medic and heal your new soldiers. I have gone through levels without creating a soldier :-D

Great Viking Tip

Build about 200 - 300 Level 3 Archers and then about 25 Level 3 Axe Warriors. Now move all of the archers deep into enemy territory. All of the enemy's soldiers shall attack your archers and wait for your archers to defeat the enemy soldiers then with all these axe warriors attack each tower. The Axe Warriors will destroy every one of the towers. Station all your archers around the enemy barracks to stop soldiers attacking your Axe Warriors. If you are playing the romans be careful of the priests as they can convert alot of your soldiers into enemy archers :

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