Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux


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Game Cheats:

During gameplay type the following case-sensitive codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

God Mode:
Enter 'swchan'

ALL Weapons:
Enter 'swgimme'

No Clipping:
Enter 'swghost'

Quits the Game:
Enter 'swquit'

Restart the Current Stage:
Enter 'swstart'

Reveals the Entire Map of Current Stage:
Enter 'swmap'

Rocket Launcher will Shoot Bunnies:
Enter 'swtrix'

Save the Map:
Enter 'swsave'

Shows your Framerate and Location Info:
Enter 'swloc'

Skip onto Episode #/Mission # (enter a number where the #s are):
Enter 'swtrek##'

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