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Game Cheats:

Press F8 during the Game

cheat.makeAiBlindAndDeaf() - makes enemies not react to player
cheat.makeChildUndetectable() - makes the child undetectable
cheat.makeChildNotMove() - makes the child stay still
cheat.changeCharacter() - changes the character you control
cheat.giveAll() - gives you all the items and trap weapons in the game
cheat.giveTraps() - gives you one of each trap type used in the game.
cheat.giveItems() - gives you one of each item in the game, excluding weapons such as traps
cheat.giveCraftingMaterials() - gives you all of the games crafting materials
cheat.giveCraftingRecipes() - gives you all of the games crafting recipes
cheat.givePoisonDartMine() - gives 1 poison dart mine
cheat.giveProximityMine() - gives you 1 proximity mine

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