Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour

Game Cheats:

Unlock Murphy's Black Hoodie with Jeans Costume:
Return to the thief's apartment when you have completed the quest 'Stolen Goods'. Where the thief's corpse was hanging there will be a pile of discarded clothing. Press A on the clothing pile to switch between Murphy's standard outfit and a black hoodie with jeans.

Secret Endings:
Complete the indicated tasks to get the corresponding secret ending.

Die during the final encounter.

Jukebox Silent Hill 1 Theme Music:
Near the begining of the game when you reach the diner there is a cash register behind the bar area. If you take the coins out of it and place them in the jukebox in the corner of the room you will be able to hear the theme from the very first Silent Hill.

Green Locker Codes:
Enter in the following codes when you reach the green locker to unlock the corresponding item.

Unlock Nail Gun and Double Axe:
Enter 171678

Unlock Pistol 45 and Baseball Bat:
Enter 353479

Unlock Rifle and Golf Club:
Enter 911977

Unlock Alternate Endings:
When you complete the following tasks during gameplay you will get the corresponding ending. To increase your morality, make good decisions and spare downed monsters. To decrease your morality, do the opposite.

Unlock Ending A:
Spare Anne with good morality.

Unlock Ending B:
Spare Anne with bad morality.

Unlock Ending C:
Kill Anne with good morality.

Unlock Ending D:
Kill Anne with bad morality.

Unlock Ending E:
Let Anne kill you during the finale.

Unlock Ending F:
Complete the game, then during your second playthrough, complete the 'Digging Up the Past' side quest.