Sonic Adventure 2 - Get the character wheel and extra characters


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Get the character wheel and extra characters

go to stage select and get all 5 emblems in all levels in "A" rank. It's very tough,you won't be able to do it unless you are a pro.My brother was one of the people who tested the game. Anyway,stage select 2 will appear it's just like the other one except you can play the last stage whether you have beaten it or not and rigt before you go to it a password screen comes up,if you don't want to enter a cheat go to exit and a character select screen will come up. Here are cheats to get hidden characters in stage select 2:

NORMCCC-be normal chao
COOLCCC-be chao with dark glasses
GOLDCCC-be gold chao
SILVCCC-be siler chao
GRIMCCC-be grim reaper chao
HOLLCCC-be halloween chao
SUPRSPD-be supersonic
HYPRSHW-be hyper shadow
CODEMRA-be Eggmans cousin Maria
PRFRGRD-be Eggmans grandfather profesor gerald
METLSNC-be metal sonic
WINGFOX-be tails' brother wings
BLUEEDA-be blue knuckles
DARKFAT-be fat shadow
DEVLNIK-be Eggman with no mustash,with horns
PINKVAM-be Rouge's huge sister Mascara

how to get asura cao

feed your chao 25 green animaldrives while petting them with dark and light characters evenly.
Submitted by jason


If you wanna see Big the cat, here's some help. In the City Escape while you're running away from the truck, look on the right sidewalk. You'll see Big running there. .
Submitted by Kitty-N


When you are with Nuckles at any level get the Chaos Key.Then try to dig in the ground on the Chaos World to find a hat for your Chao
Submitted by Gui

Get Knuckles

get knuckles by beating level one
Submitted by James

Get lasercannon

To get the Laser cannon on robotinik go on the first levelyou must have the large cannon walk until you find four light grey boxes blow them down and you should find the laser cannon,enjoy it.
Submitted by Tommy

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