Space Race - Various Cheats

Space Race - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

20lbham - porkypig
q32 - marvinmarshin
kotim - theking
planetx - Get North Star2Alternate of North Star

Mirror Mode

In order to get mirror mode on u have to beat the game, and get first in every level in tournament mode. After doing that go to game options under the options screen. Mirror mode will be available.

Get character Porky Pig

If you get 25 tokens go to the galleria and go to secret stuff. Go to a picture of Porky Pig and press X and you will have Porky Pig

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 3EABFE16 FC83CA2B
DE131412 A0A2890F
Infinite Retries FE344F0A A0AD4C23
Infinite ACME Tokens DEA5CC0E C19E7B82
Max Race Points CE000F2E BCA99E6A
Unlock All Events DEA5CC2E BBA89A82
Unlock All Galleria Items DEA5CC22 BCB89A82
Unlock All Planets CEA5CC1E BCA99A82
Unlock All Gold Medals in Tourney CEA5CC30 BCA99A7B
Unlock Extra Characters CEA5CC24 BCA99C82