Spectrobes - Unlimited minerals

Spectrobes - Unlimited minerals
Unlimited minerals:
Go to the planet where you found Aldous/Mr.X. Get out of the ship and go forward until you get down the earth stairs. Then, go straight down. Use your Child Spectrobe to scan the ground in the first corner. You will find four mineral spots. Get them both. Next, go between two piles of rubble in the same place. Again, there are four mineral spots. Stay in this map, and do not go into the mountain area. A lot of valuable mineral are here.

Easy minerals:
Go to the planet daichi. Once u get there go outside and folo the wall on the bottom. when you reach the first v stay there and search there. You will find 2,3,or4 minerals just move around to get 4. Then go down to the bottm sand piece and search u will find more minerals. Afer u havethem go to the ship and move around for a little bit and go backout and they will be there again.

Loads of Gura:
Go to Himuro the 6th planet. Get to the end of the planet and go through the right rectangle. If you are in a hurry, then just get the minerals in the middle of the circle, if not, explore the full place. After that, go through the left rectangle and repeat. I have over 1 million G doing this. On this planet, Pearls puts all minergy up by 12 and is worth 10,000 Gare common, Sapphires puts all minergy up by 24 and is worth 15,000G is moderate, Emeralds puts all minergy up by 30 something and is worth 20,000Gare rare and Gold puts all minergy down by 16 and is worth 100,000is ultra rare.

Evolving Spectrobes:
Leave a Sepctrobe in the Incubator for awhile. You will begin to see blue dots flying over it.
Tap on it to evolve it.

Digging without failure:
If you can dig up a fossil without causing the failure bar to fill up at all, the Spectrobe will have 80 Minergy and a custom part for that Spectrobe.

Easy money:
If you go to Nessa area two there should be a pointed rectangle shaped pillar search there and there will be a cube. Take the cube to area 1 on nessa and sell it now go back to the pillar and there should be a cube. Keep doing this for a whole lot of money. Keep in mind though cubes only sell for 100 gura and it can really get boring.

Lots of easy money:
On planet Nessa area 2 at the very end of this area search near the rocks on the far side for a chance to find a pearl mineral, which if sold is worth 10,000 gura. Also on planet Genchi, if you search behind the guy just before you see the monsters the is a chance to find a platinum mineral which can be sold for 3,500 gura. This can be repeated many times.

No downfall to mineral that drain stats:
If you have recently evolved a spectrobe the gauges should be 100 grey meaning that they can't go any lower. If you use a mineral such as Onyx your attack will increase by 40 but nothing will happen to your defense will remian the same. This will help a lot if you want to have a huge power up with no cost.

Beat the final boss:
In order to beat the final boss, you must first charge up full stregth by pressing LR. Use that on him a couple of times until he use his sheild. Then this is important use the ultimate spectrobe on him. I prefer the hammer one. After that happens the sheild should break. Use your final strongest form spectrobe the one that is with you. to beat him up. Make sure that he does NOT heal up. After you beat him ur dude should say "is it over" After all the talking and the credits No you can't skip the credits The game will restart but save first and the level you are back at is the last place you were at. which would probly be planet Meido