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All weapons

During the game, hit x, x, y, a, y, a.

Bullet-proof vest

At the start of a level, tap up, up, down, down, and hold A for 8 seconds.

Chinese Embassy 2

When you come to the room with the sleeping guards you can avoid two of the guards by not continuing on to the next room, but instead, pick up the med kit, ammo, and frag grenade and go back the way you came in. Continue to the door at the end of the hall. On the left the code for the door is 1436.

The game now bypasses a part where two guards come and open the door. This way you never see those two guards - the part after it will have you stressed out enough as it is

CIA HQ level

On the level CIA HQ, when you get further there will be some big windows with someone guarding. Be careful not to trigger any alarms, get a sticky shocker and move slightly from the left side of the window so that you can see him, then shoot him. You will knock him out without him knowing.


Shoot the lights when no one is around to make it dark. Enemies cannot see you in the darkness

Taking out lights without ammo

First get a object Glass bottle. Then Walk up to a light, Press L then throw it at the light.

Throw harder

Hold L when tossing cans and bottles to throw it harder.

Using Flares

You can use flares to distract turrets and the like momentarily when they are causing you strife.

Mission 1 codes

The first lock code is: 091772
The second lock code is: 5929

Mission 4 codes

First lock code: 7687
Second lock code: 110598
Third lock code: 2019
Fourth lock code: 110700
Fifth lock code: 0614

Mission 5 codes

First lock code: 97531
Second lock code: 33575
Third lock code: 1250

Mission 8 codes

First lock code: 1436
Second lock code: 9753
Third lock code: 1456
Fourth lock code: 1834
Fifth lock code: 7921


In the very beginning of the game on the very first level, Lambert briefs you about Third Echelon, then sends you to an assault course. once he's done blabbing about red lights, he tells you to jump over a wall. Don't do it. go to you'r immediate right and double jump up on to the ledge. Once on the ledge look to your right once more. There is a door, and behind it is a closet or janitor's room with some shelves to your left. On those shelves is a pair of lock picks. Pick them up and go all the way to the end of the course, but don't finish it. Instead of going through that meatal hangar door, go to the right of it. There is another wooden door that is locked. Pick the lock and use the computer in that small room. It will give you a code for a servailance platform or something. That room is all the way at the beginning of the course to your left. where the room was with the lock picks, but on the other ledge. Go up that ledge and there you will find a door that is keypad locked. Use the code you got from the computer to get in. I could have told you the code, but what would the fun be in that? Behind that door is a small room with a doorway in front of you. Go through the doorway and Grim is to your left. You can talk to her, and she'll give you a litte more info on what you're doing here.
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