Star Gladiator - Big Heads Small Feet

Star Gladiator - Big Heads Small Feet

Big Heads Small Feet

Hold Right Start Circle Square until the Rounds starts.

Fight Kappa

Beat the opponent in Round 3 with the timer at 00. Kappa will be the next opponent.

Night Fighting

Before the round begins press L2 R2 Down.

Play as Bilstein

In Arcade Mode hold Select move the cursor to Gore and press X Circle X Circle Square Square Square Triangle Triangle Triangle Circle X.

Play as Blood

First make sure you have Bilstein and Kappa. Go into Arcade mode hold Select and move the cursor left to Bilstein. Press X Square X Square X Square. While still holding Select move the cursor right on space to Kappa and press Circle Triangle Circle Triangle Circle Triangle L1 R1.

Play as Kappa

After you have gotten Bilstein go into Arcade mode. Hold Select put the cursor on Hayato and press Circle Square Triangle Square X Square Triangle Square Circle Square Triangle X. Press Left for Kappa.