Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - Pilot a Naboo Starfighter

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - Pilot a Naboo Starfighter

Pilot a Naboo Starfighter

Type in HALIFAX? as your passcode. Select "Enter Code=" and type in YNGWIE. Now select "Enter Code=" again to have access to the Naboo Starfighter from Episode I.

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Passwords" as a password:

Password Effect
CREDITS View Credits
RADAR Change Radar
CHICKEN Take Command of an ATST
IGIVEUP Unlimited Lives
FARMBOY Fly as the Millennium Falcon
MAESTRO Sound Test
ACE Makes the Game Harder
TIEDUP Fly as the TIE Interceptor
BLAMEUS View Picture of Development Team
HARDROCK Wait for Demo to Play Exit to the Title Screen Luke Will Have a New Face

To actually select the TIE Interceptor go to the Falcon on the craft selection screen then when the voice starts talking push up on the anolog stick and the camera will pan around and there will be the TIE interceptor.

Submitted by: James Osero Mario Romilio Beth Finestone Steven Ryan Conor O'Bryan Warayak

Race Through Beggar's Canyon with T47s Skyhoppers

Complete all missions with a bronze medal.
Submitted by: Pengisaac

Death Star Trench

Complete All Missions with at least a silver medal.
Submitted by: Pengisaac

Hoth Stage

Get gold medals on all stages.
Submitted by: Pengisaac