Stuntman: Ignition - All bonuses

Stuntman: Ignition - All bonuses
All bonuses:
Enter KUNGFOOPETE to unlock all bonuses.

MVX Spartan:
Enter FASTRIDE as a code.

All vehicles:
Enter RANDARLUV as a code.

Nitro Addiction:
Enter THEDUKE as a code. Press L1 for Nitro Addiction.

Ice Wheels:
Enter ICEAGE as a code.

Freaky Fast:
Enter SLINGPOO as a code.

Enter IMATREX as a code.

Slow-Mo Cool and Thrill Cam:
Enter HOLLYWOOD as a code.

Faster game speed:
Enter OVERCRANK as a code. The directors voice will get higher and your car will go faster. Note: Try it for the third level on the movie Never Kill Me Again. When you are at the end and break through the cave with the nitrous and ice blocks, they will fall fast.

Vision Switcher:
Enter WEAREFROZEN as a code.

Additional props and tools for Stunt Creator:
Enter COOLPROP as a code to unlock the landmine and explosive ramp props.

Track arena and Ice arena in Construction mode:
Enter STEELEJUSTIN as a code.

All items in Construction mode:
Enter NOBLEMAN as a code.

Graphics modes:
Enter GFXMODES as a code. Press L3 to access the "Dream", "RC Car", "Puke Cam", "All Combined", and "Normal" graphics mode options.