Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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New Characters:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features every character in the history of the series making for a character roster of at least 65 fighters. Listed below are the new characters making their debut:

Ridley (Metroid)
Inkling Girl/Boy
Daisy (Echo Fighter - Peach)
Link (Breath of the Wild version)

Unlock Characters in Classic Mode:
The following characters become unlocked in Classic mode when you play the indicated path.

Mario path:
Sonic, Bayonetta, Mac, Ike, Luigi, Roy, Dr. Mario, Olimar.

Link path:
King K. Rool, Ice Climbers, Simon, Meta Knight, Snake, Young Link, Richter, Toon Link.

Samus path:
Inkling, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Incineroar, Dark Suit Samus, Cloud, Wario, Dark Pit.

Yoshi path:
Lucario, Marth, Ryu, Ganondorf, Lucina, Ridley, Chrom, Ken.

Kirby path:
Ness, Jigglypuff, Pac-Man, Zelda, Robin, Corrin, Lucas, Palutena.

Pikachu path:
Villager, Shulk, ROB, Mega Man, Isabelle, Game and Watch, Pichu.

Donkey Kong path:
Bowser, Pokémon Trainer, Rosalina and Luma, King Dedede, Sheik, Greninja, Diddy Kong, Duck Hunt.

Fox path:
Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus, Peach, Falco, Daisy, Bowser Jr. Wolf, Mewtwo.

Amiibo Unlockables:
Scanning in the indicated non-Smash Bros Amiibos will enable you to unlock the correspoinding feature earlier.
Note: Different Amiibo that share the same unlock will unlock a duplicate spirit.

Able Sisters Spirit:
Sable Amiibo

Alm and Celica (Young) Spirit:
Alm Amiibo

Alm and Celica (Young) Spirit:
Celica Amiibo

Blathers Spirit:
Blathers Amiibo

Blue/Red/Yellow/Winged/Rock Pikmin Spirits:
Pikmin Amiibo

Bokoblin Spirit:
Bokoblin Amiibo

Boo Spirit:
Boo Amiibo

Celeste Spirit:
Celeste Amiibo

Chibi-Robo Spirit:
Chibi-Robo Amiibo

Cyrus and Reese Spirit:
Reese Amiibo

Cyrus and Reese Spirit:
Cyrus Amiibo

Daruk Spirit:
Daruk Amiibo

Detective Pikachu Spirit:
Detective Pikachu Amiibo

Digby Spirit:
Digby Amiibo

DJ K.K.Spirit:
K.K. Slider Amiibo

Goomba Spirit:
Goomba Amiibo

Guardian Spirit:
Guardian Amiibo

Kapp'n Spirit:
Kapp'n Amiibo

Kicks Spirit:
Kicks Amiibo

Koopa Troopa Spirit:
Koopa Troopa Amiibo

Lottie Spirit:
Lottie Amiibo

Metroid Spirit:
Metroid Amiibo

Mipha Spirit:
Mipha Amiibo

Octoling Boy Amiibo:
Octoling Boy and Octoling Girl Spirit

Octoling Girl Amiibo:
Octoling Boy and Octoling Girl Spirit

Octoling Squid Amiibo:
Octoling Squid Spirit

Off the Hook Spirit:
Marina Amiibo

Off the Hook Spirit:
Pearl Amiibo

Qbby Spirit:
Qbby Amiibo

Resetti Spirit:
Resetti Amiibo

Revali Spirit:
Revali Amiibo

Rover Amiibo:
Rover Spirit

Shovel Knight Spirit:
Shovel Knight Amiibo

Squid Sisters Spirit:
Marie Amiibo

Squid Sisters Spirit:
Callie Amiibo

Tiki Spirit:
Tiki Amiibo

Timmy and Tommy's Shop:
Timmy and Tommy Amiibo

Toad Spirit:
Toad Amiibo

Tom Nook Spirit:
Tom Nook Amiibo

Urbosa Spirit:
Urbosa Amiibo

Waddle Dee Spirit:
Waddle Dee Amiibo

Waluigi Spirit:
Waluigi Amiibo

Wolf Link Spirit:
Wolf Link Amiibo

Yarn Poochy Spirit:
Yarn Poochy Amiibo

Change Menu Music:
Once you have beaten the World of Light for the first time you will unlock the ability to change the menu music.

Unlock Mii Fighters:
There are three different Mii Fighters to unlock. To do this though you have to actually create them yourself as opposed to encountering them after a Vs match or in the World of Light like other characters.

Mii Brawler:
Create your own Mii Fighter.

Mii Gunner:
Create your own Mii Fighter.

Mii Swordfighter:
Create your own Mii Fighter.

Unlock New Game+ in World of Light:
This feature becomes unlocked when you have reached the True Ending in World of Light. You will then be able to enter New Game+ on your save file. All spirits and bosses return, making it a good way to earn more copies of spirits, and earning more skill spheres.

Extra Water Damage:
Whenever Sonic, Incineroar, Charizard, and the Inklings come into contact with water they will accumulate extra damage. The reason for this is that they are weak to water in their respective games.

Short-Hop Attack:
If you press 'Jump' and 'Attack' at the same time your character will perform a short-hop attack. This manoeuvre will push you off of the ground for a short distance while performing an aerial attack at the same time. Short-hop attacks can be vital to countering an aggressive opponent.

Meteor Smash Attack:
A meteor smash is an attack that strikes opponents downwards. If you can perform one while the opponent is off stage attempting to recover it will send them straight down out of the blast zone for a KO.

Final Smash Move:
Final Smash moves are powerful finshers that are granted after breaking a Smash Ball. To unleash your characters Final Smash you must break a Smash Ball and then hit the 'Special' button (without tilting the left stick in any direction).

Rematch Character Fights:
The only way that you are able to unlock new characters is by winning the Challenger Fights. If you fail in a Challenger Fight you can always retry by going to the 'Games and More' section and looking out for a glowing door in the bottom righthand corner. This door will give you the opportunity to rematch and unlock the character you previously lost against.

Character Unlock Order:
Listed below is the definitive order that the characters unlock, regardless of what method you use to unlock them.

1) Ness

2) Zelda

3) Bowser

4) Pit

5) Inkling

6) Villager

7) Young Link

8) Marth

9) Wii Fit Trainer

10) Ice Climbers

11) Captain Falcon

12) Princess Peach

13) Ryu

14) Ike

15) Jigglypuff

16) King K. Rool

17) Sonic

18) Simon Belmont

19) Zero Suit Samus

20) Little Mac

21) Isabelle

22) Shulk

23) Lucina

24) Wario

25) Ridley

26) Pokémon Trainer

27) Lucario

28) Princess Daisy

29) Roy

30) King Dedede

31) R.O.B.

32) Falco

33) Luigi

34) Pichu

35) Richter Belmont

36) Lucas

37) Diddy Kong

38) Meta Knight

39) Solid Snake

40) Ganon

41) Corrin

42) Mega Man

43) Bayonetta

44) Toon Link

45) Princess Rosalina and Luma

46) Incineroar

47) Sheik

48) Olimar

49) Pac-Man

50) Dark Samus

51) Starwolf

52) Game & Watch

53) Robin

54) Dark Pit

55) Cloud

56) Duck Hunt

57) Ken

58) Greninja

59) Mewtwo

60) Bowser Jr.

61) Chrom

62) Dr. Mario

63) Palutena

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