Super Street Fighter 2X Revival - Easy Special Moves

Super Street Fighter 2X Revival - Easy Special Moves

Easy Special Moves

During gameplay press Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A. If done correctly you will hear a sound. Press Select to toggle to code on or off.

Get Survival and Time Attack Mode

For Survival mode get 500 VS Points and for Time Attack Mode get 1000 VS Points

Get easy moves mode

To get easy moves mode you have to go into arcade mode. Once you start to fight press select. If you hear the noise you here when you press start at the title screen, you've done it correctly.

Get Akuma and Evil Akuma

To get Akuma, accumalate from 4000 to 6000 VS points.To get Evil Akuma, accumalate 9999 VS points.

Controls for Akumaeasy mode is needed just press select while fighting

Here are the special moves for Akuma easy mode

Hadoken- right b
Fire Hadoken-left b
upercut-down b
Hurracane Kick-left a
Jump Hadoken- jump the press right b in the air

Hint you can also use l and r to make the specials more powerful, but i think it is harder to do it like that.

Watch the Fighter's Gallery

Wonder what the ending was of each player?Well once you accumulate 9999 VS points push "R" on the menu and you can watch each fighter's ending; even Akuma's can be watched.