Test Drive: OffRoad Wide Open - All Tracks amp Cars

Test Drive: OffRoad  Wide Open - All Tracks amp Cars

All Tracks & Cars

Go to the main menu and press Right, Right, Left, Square, Up, l2, L2, R1

Get Monster Truck

Use single race mode and the hard difficulty to finish all 36 tracks to unlock the monster truck

Pro class Veichles, Unlimited

Finish all nine tracks in single race for pro class. Then the next eighteen for unlimited class

Get Unlimited Class Trucks

use single race mode and finish the first 27 tracks

Get Dodge T-Rex

In the Power division finish the 4th season of career mode

Get Rod Hall Hummer

Get 1st in all division's of career mode

Get Humvee

Get 1st in the first 3 seasons of career mode

Get Dodge Durango

In the speed division finish 1st in the 4th season

Special vehicles

To unlock special vehicles you have to beat different seasons of the career mode. There are five seasons. You will unlock an Army Humvee, Rod Halls red Humvee, A Shelby Durango, And a 6x6 Dodge pickup

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