Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - All players in team play


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All players in team play:
Enter GAMEFACE as a password to unlock all players in team play.

Adidas sponsorship:
Enter THREE STRIPES as a password.

Bridgestone sponsorship:
Enter SHOJIRO as a password.

Cobra sponsorship:
Enter SNAKEKING as a password.

Grafalloye sponsorship:
Enter JUST SHAFTS as a password.

Level 3 EA Sports sponsorship:
Enter INTHEGAME as a password.

Macgergor sponsorship:
Enter MACTEC as a password.

Mizuno sponsorship:
Enter RIHACHINRZO as a password.

Nike sponsorship:
Enter JUSTDOIT as a password.

Oakley sponsorship:
Enter JANNARD as a password.

PGA Tour sponsorship:
Enter LIGHTNING as a password.

Ping sponsorship:
Enter SOLHEIM as a password.

Precept sponsorship:
Enter GUYS ARE GOOD as a password.

Taylormade sponsorship:
Enter MR ADAMS as a password.

Big head crowd:
Enter TENGALLONHAT as a password.

EA Black Series clubs:
Successfully complete the game with a 100 to unlock the EA Black Series Clubs.

Bigfoot in Sahalee:
At the 17th green at Sahalee, you can see Bigfoot hiding behind a tree

Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.Win a game of Bloodsome 10 Win a game of Bloodsome.
Win a game of One Ball 10 Win a game of One Ball.
Win a game of Greensome 10 Win a game of Greensome.
Play a Training Challenge 15 Play a Training Challenge.
Win a game of T-I-G-E-R 10 Win a game of T-I-G-E-R.
Play a Tiger Challenge Event 15 Play a Tiger Challenge Event.
Win a game of Seven 10 Win a game of Seven.
Win a game of 21 10 Win a game of 21.
Create a female golfer 5 Create a Female Gameface character.
Create a male golfer 5 Create a Male Gameface character.
Getting the Hang of it 15 Win 5 online matches.
High Roller 15 Make 25 online wagers.
Play a PGA TOUR Season Event 20 Play a PGA TOUR Season Event.
Too Easy? 20 Beat Par in an 18 hole round on TOUR difficulty.
Play in 5 online Tournaments 20 Play in 5 online Tournaments.
Beat Mike Weir 30 Defeat Mike Weir in the Tiger Challenge.
Beat Luke Donald 30 Defeat Luke Donald in the Tiger Challenge.
Beat Colin Montgomerie 30 Defeat Colin Montgomerie in the Tiger Challenge.
Beat Chris DiMarco 30 Defeat Chris DiMarco in the Tiger Challenge.
Win the Southern Major 75 Win the Southern Major.
Win the US Major 75 Win the US Major Championship.
Win the UK Major 75 Win the UK Major Championship.
Win the PGA TOUR Major 75 Win the PGA TOUR Major Championship.
Collect the whole set 75 Win every Trophy Ball.
Race for the cup 80 Win the Fed Ex Cup.
Beat Tiger 85 Defeat Tiger Woods in the Tiger Challenge.
Finish Everything 150 Get 100 Game Completion.

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