Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero - 3 Million Dollars

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero - 3 Million Dollars

3 Million Dollars

Beat the Speed King. He drives the 1200 HP Skyline. You will get 3 million dollars and the ability to buy his car. It's not easy. Good luck

5 Million Dollars

After you have beaten the Speed King you will get 3 Million Dollars, then keep racing against all the 12 Zodiacs which is a new group of speeding and hard racers to beat. When you get to the last one which is the "White Charisma" beat him and after that a screen will appear saying that you are a legend now and after that go to your garage and you will get 5 Million Dollars added to your account.

Different Opening Sequence

When selecting the transmission type Hold R1. Keep holding R1 until the new load screen starts

Mirror Buddies

While you are at the screen where you pick your transmission hold either r1,r2,l1,l2 until the now loading screen comes up. While your driving there will be a little beanie buddy next to ur rear view mirror.

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