Tony Hawk's American Ska8land - Unlock Cheats

Tony Hawk's American Ska8land - Unlock Cheats
Unlock Cheats:
Beat Classic mode the indicated number of times to unlock different cheats: of times:
1 Create-a-Skater
2 Lip Balance, Manual Balance, Rail Balance
3 Tiny Mode
4 Giant Mode
5 Matrix Mode
6 First Person Camera
7 Replay Cam
8 Turbo Mode
9 Always Special
10 Paper Tony
11 Hoverboard
12 Nearly Always Ribbon
13 w. all chars Ninja Skater

Secret Image:
In the board and graffiti editor, if you color the bottom 1/3 with blue the middle 1/3 with green then the top 1/3 with red from the top colors. Then tap each color in the top row from left to right then press the switch colors up at the top right it will bring up a secret image.