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Characters list

Enter names in "create a skater"

Adam Lippmann: THEDOC
Alan Flores: Alan Flores
Andy Marchel: Andy Marchel
Bailey: Bailey
Big Tex: Big Tex
Brad Bulkley: fatass
C Surla: Akira2s
Captain Cody: arr
Chauwa Steel Chauwa Steel
Chris Peacock: ChrisP
Chris Rausch: Chris Rausch
Chum: Johnny Ow
Dan Nelson: Dan Nelson
Dana MacKenzie: Daddy Mac
Darren Thorne: DDT
Dave Cowling: TOPBLOKE
Dave Stohl: Dave Stohl
Eric Grosser: crom
Gary Jesdanun: Yawgurt
Glycerin: Glycerin
Greenie: Greenie
Grjost: grjost
Jake Geiger: GEIGER
Jason Uyeda: Jason Uyeda
Jeff Morgan: NSJEFF
Jeremy Anderson: Jeremy Anderson
Joel Jewett: Joel Jewett
Kendall: FROGHAM
Kevin Mulhall: Guilt Ladle
Marcos XK8R: Marcos XK8R
Michelle Deyo: woodchuck
Mike Ward: Mike Ward
Mikey Ortai: moreuberthaned
Nolan Nelson: Noly
Paul Robinson: POOPER
Pete Day: buffoon
Ralph D'Amato: deadendroad
Rock: M'YAK
Rulon Raymond: 1337
sik: sik
Skillzombie: Skillzombie
Stacey D: Stacey D
tao zheng: tao zheng
Ted Barber: Hammer
The Kraken: The Kraken
The Swink: The Swink
Todd Sue: TSUEnami
Todd Wahosk:e Todd Wahoske
Wardy: leedsleedsleeds
Zac Drake: Zig

Get Perfect Balance

Go to the options menu, then go to cheats, and type in "letitslide".

Get Perfect Manual

Enter "keepitsteady" on the cheat menu.

Get Perfect Skitches

Enter "rearrider" on the cheats menu.

All Music

Enter "holeshot" on the cheats menu.

Moon Gravity

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "noforce" as a code. An alternate code is "getitup". You can also get this code if you complete all 129 goals.

Unlock All Movies

Enter "gidvid" in the Cheats Menu.

Gene Simmons and Secret Level

Complete story mode on normal difficulty to unlock Gene Simmons from KISS and the "Hotter Than Hell" level. If you collect all the K-I-S-S letters, you will unlock a KISS video. If you collect them all again, KISS will perform on the stage.

Hangar Level

Go to Moscow and find the brown building near the tanks. Go around until you see the side where it is connected to X-mas lights. Climb up and grind the ledge toward the big building opposite of the tanks and jump into a window. Inside is the item that unlocks the level.

Iron Man

Beat the story mode to unlock Iron Man from Marvel comics.

Pedestrian Skaters

Find every Gap in the game including in the hidden levels.

School 2 and Venice

In the New Jersey level, go to the train station. Where the rails are at, on the left ramp in the middle column there is an item high above the ramp. Take the rail down to the ramp to get more speed so you can reach the item. Or, climb on top of the awning which looks like a little white ledge, and walk along it and around the corner. Get the item to unlock the School 2 level. In the Hawaii level, find the tiki statue. Jump into its mouth and ride down the tunnel to the end. Get the item to unlock the Venice level.


If you complete all 129 goals, you will unlock the following:

Cool Specials
Kid Mode
Roller Skates
Always Special
Perfect Skitch
Perfect Manual
Moon Gravity


Beat the story mode on sick difficulty to unlock T.H.U.D.

Easy Single Trick Combos

While playing any difficulty on story mode, you'll notice that it may ask you do a move 5 times in one combo or something as such. Like 'Lipslide 5 times in one combo' raise a stat up a bar for a created character. Now if you're having trouble doing this there's a solution.

When you're ready to earn that point, enter the create-a-trick mode in the middle of the game. Don't exit Story mode to the Create Trick mode Create a basic trick like a simple flip or grab. Now name your newly created move to the name of the trick that you are trying to mimic. You don't have to map the move to your character permanently, instead enter the preview trick and land the new move 5 times or however times you need.

Example of this: enter create a trick, insert a kickflip, rename the move, enter preview move, and now land the trick as many times as needed in one combo. When you're finished, simply quit edit a trick and you should that after you succesfully landed the trick, you're stats should increase.

Infinite Trick Bug on Hangar

On the Hangar level, go to the half pipe on the other side of the wooden one in the middle. The pipe is in a seperate room. Go to the far left corner and skate up and down, olling to get more air. Eventually, you should go so high that you get stuck, and you can spin infinitely. The only way to get down is to hop off your board, and get back down again.

Secret Tape Locations

New Jersey - Go to the left side of the bridge; you will see a sidewalk next to the river. Jump down onto it and walk under the bridge.

Manhattan - Go to the Metro Center the building that is very shiny and made of glass the tape should be on the sign that says "Welcome".

Tampa - Find the huge building made of windows with two ramps in front of it. Air off one of the ramps as if you were going to gap between them and head high between the middle of the ramps.

Hawaii - Climb on top of the Big Surf Hotel and find the side facing the pink hotel. Then go into the corner on the roof next to the quarter pipe and look for a wire. Grind down the wire to the tape.

Vancouver - Find the big bubble thing with flags around it above the hockey rink, then find the quarter pipe next to it. Go out into the street and spine transfer the quarter pipe for speed and then air up to get the tape.

Slam City Jam - Locate the scoreboard in the middle of the stage and the circular platform that goes around it. Grind on the platform and into the bottom of the scoreboard.

Hotter Than Hell - Get onto the inner of two platforms that are high up in the air and head around the platform until there is a part where it starts to rise. Go up that part of the platform and get air to get the tape.

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