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The Adventure Begins
Objective: Find the entrance to the mine

Objective: Blow 25 enemies to pieces with critical strikes

Fetch a Fair Price
Objective: Send your pet to town

Over the Brink
Objective: Defeat Brink

Beast of Burden
Objective: Fill your pet's inventory

Objective: Change your pet by feeding it fish

A Lich to Scratch
Objective: Defeat the Overseer

Pet Trainer
Objective: Equip a spell on your pet

Objective: N/A

Tree Hugger
Objective: Defeat the Root Golem

When this Town's a Rockin'
Objective: Defeat the Ember Colossus

Objective: Take 25,000 steps

Objective: Kill 5000 Monsters

Big and Green and Dead all Over
Objective: Defeat Krag

Bum Luck
Objective: Have an item disenchanted on the first enchantment attempt

Purple People Defeater
Objective: Defeat Medea

Sir Mixes-a-lot
Objective: Successfully create 25 items using the transmuter

Objective: Successfully enchant one item 5 times

Mod Squad
Objective: 1 game mod installed

Beast Slayer I
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Easy or Normal

Objective: Collect 250,000 gold

Sorcelator's Servant
Objective: N/A

Only a Master of Evil
Objective: Defeat Alric

Objective: Catch 50 fish

Deep Pockets
Objective: Have 100,000 gold in your inventory

Lucky Gambler
Objective: Gamble a unique item

Objective: Permanently transform your pet

Mod Maniac
Objective: 5 mods installed at the same time

Gambling Enthusiast
Objective: Gamble 20 times

Epic Strike
Objective: Do at least 10,000 damage to an enemy in a single strike

Enchantment Overload
Objective: Successfully enchant one item 10 times

Objective: Catch 100 fish

Beast Slayer II
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Hard

Price of Loyalty
Objective: Use 50 potions on your pet

Objective: 10 mods used at the same time

Passing the Torch
Objective: Retire a character

Master Smasher
Objective: Smash 1500 Breakables

Pension Plan
Objective: Achieve player level 65

Gambling Addict
Objective: Gamble 50 times

Hat Trick
Objective: Beat the game with all three classes

Objective: Complete 200 Quests

Swift Execution
Objective: Defeat Ordrak in 8 hours or less

Perfect Victory
Objective: Defeat Ordrak with no deaths

Objective: Achieve maximum fame

The Long Haul
Objective: Achieve player level 100

Gambling Fiend
Objective: Gamble 100 times

The Horse Whisperer
Objective: N/A

Universally Understood
Objective: Complete 25 Gar Quests

Beast Slayer III
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Very Hard

The Need for Greed
Objective: Suffer 20 disenchants from the enchanter

Speed King
Objective: Defeat Ordrak in less than 5 hours

Noble Lineage
Objective: Retire two characters

Deep Delver
Objective: Reach the 50th floor of a dungeon

Supreme Slayer
Objective: Kill 50,000 monsters

Trolling for Punishment
Objective: Kill 25 champion trolls

True Delver
Objective: Reach level 100

Hardcore Victor
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Easy Hardcore

Line of Kings
Objective: Retire over 300 levels worth of characters

Hardcore God
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Very Hard Hardcore

Cash for Trash
Objective: Sell 10,000 items to vendors

Objective: Die 500 times

Potion Whiz
Objective: Drink 5,000 potions

Down the Hatch
Objective: Complete 50 Hatch Quests

Hardcore Hero
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Normal Hardcore

Fisher King
Objective: Catch 1000 fish

Hardcore Champion
Objective: Defeat Ordrak on Hard Hardcore

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