Total Annihilation: Kingdoms - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Begin a game in Skirmish or Multiplayer Mode. Press Enter type any of the following "Codes" and press Enter again. To deactivate the code enter it again:

Code Effect
atm Fill Mana
bigbrother Units Speak Different Lines
cdstart Start/Stop Music
combustion Enemies Die
dither Dithering Instead of Line of Sight
doubleshot Weapons do Double Damage
fogcolor 1256 Change Fog Color
halfshot Weapons do Half Damage
ilose Instant Loss
iwin Instant Win
infrared Fog of War On/Off
kill 04 Kill Player
lotsablood More Blood
lushee Limited Resource Increase
meteor Random Meteor Shower
nanolathing Nanolathing and Metal Using Doubled
noenergy No Energy
nometal No Metal
nowisee Full Map
radar 100 Radar Coverage
shareradar Share Radar Info
shootall Units Target All Enemies
sing Units Sing when Given Orders
tilt Max Men and Material
view 04 View Player Metal and Energy
zipper Faster Unit Building

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