Twisted Metal 4 - Various Cheats

Twisted Metal 4 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Effect Password
God Mode Down Left L1 Left Right
Infinite Specials Triangle L1 Down Triangle Up
Specials More Powerful Up Start Circle R1 Left
Unlock Crusher Down R1 Right R1 L1
Unlock Moon Buggy Start Triangle Right L1 Start
Unlock RC Car Up Down Left Start Right
Unlock Super Auger Left Circle Triangle Right Down
Unlock Super Axel Up Right Down Up L1
Unlock Super Slamm Right L1 Start Circle Start
Unlock Super Thumper Circle Triangle Start Circle Left
Unlock Minion Triangle L1 L1 Left Up
Unlock Sweet Tooth Start R1 Right Right Left
Start at Neon City Left Triangle Right Right Left
Start at Road Rage Start Start Down Circle L1
Start at Bedroom L1 Right Left Left L1
Start at Amazonia 3000 BC Circle L1 Start L1 Start
Start at Oil Rig Start Left Up Start Circle
Start at Minion's Maze Start R1 Left R1 R1
Start at The Carnival Circle Left Down R1 L1
Faster Health Regeneration Triangle L1 Down Triangle Up
CPU Cars Ignore Health Pickups L1 Left Right Circle Right
CPU Cars only Attack Human Players Right Triangle Right Triangle L1
One CPU Ally vs. Two Human Opponents Down Down Right Right Down
Icy Surfaces Down Triangle Down L1 R1
All Weapon Pickups are Power Missiles Down Down Circle L1 Left
All Weapon Pickups are Homing Missiles R1 Right Left R1 Up
All Weapon Pickups are Napalms Right Left R1 Right Circle
All Weapon Pickups are Remote Bombs Up Right Down L1 Triangle
No Health and Weapon Pickups Circle Start Left L1 Start
No Health Pickups in Deathmatch Mode Triangle Down Triangle Circle Triangle
No Health Pickups in Tourh3nt and Deathmatch Modes Down R1 Down Start Circle
Infinite Ammo L1 R1 Up Square Circle

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Special Moves

Freeze Left Right Up Up
Rear freeze Left Right Down Down
Massive attack Up Down Up Down Up
Rear massive attack Up Down Up Down Down
Rear attack Right Left Down Down
Jump Up Up Left
Shield Up Up Right
Invisibility Down Down Up Up
Hyperspace Up Up Down Down
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