Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Keep an eye out for climbable ledges, these are highlighted by flat white bars that Nathan Drake can cling onto. Regularly look up to see if there's a prompt for you to activate the rope in mid-jump by pressing the L1 button.

Unlock Final Boss and Game Ending:
When you have beaten the game on the Crushing difficulty setting you will earn the 'Charted! – Crushing' trophy and be able to view the ending cutscene and final boss epilogue. To make getting this trophy easier enable cheats in the 'Bonus' menu. Note: you need to beat every single chapter on Crushing difficulty to get the trophy, just beating the last chapter on this setting will not unlock it.

Bonus Menu Options:
When you have completed the game on any difficulty setting you will be able to spend the points you earned on purchasing items for the options at the 'Bonus' menu. The points are earned by collecting treasures and journal entries as well as completing optional conversations. Weapons can only be equipped if a weapon of that type is already equipped and only if that weapon type is allowed during that particular chapter. The categories that are available are 'Character Gallery', 'Character Skins', 'Concept Art', 'Equipable Weapons', 'Gameplay Modifiers', and 'Render Modes'.

When you find yourself unsure what to do next just remain idle and wait. After a few minutes the game will guide you to the general direction you need to go or give you hints on a puzzle. Sometimes an NPC character may also shout at you to 'come here'.

Barrok .44 Pistol:
You can find the Barrok .44 high caliber pistol the first time in Chapter 8, Scotland. Although this weapon has a slow rate of fire it is able to do high damage and almost always kills with one-hit. This weapon can also be unlocked at the 'Bonus' menu when you complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock ALL Weapons:
Completing the game on any difficulty setting will unlock ALL the weapons in the game at the 'Bonus' menu.

Unlock Cheats:
When you complete the game on any difficulty setting the option to activate cheats will become unlocked at the bonus menu. These cheats include 'Slow Motion' and 'Infinite Ammo'. Note: unlike in many other games enabling cheats will NOT disable earning any trophies.