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Get All Costumes Trick

First you need 2 memory cards. Then get at least 60,000 credits. Then go to the unlocks menu with memory card 1 data being used and buy a costume but save it to memory card slot 2. Then go to options and select load settings then load memory card slot 1. if you don't do this it won't work After that go back to the unlocks menu and buy another costume and save on memory card slot 2. You MUST make sure you go back to options and select load settings then memory card slot 1 after each and every purchase. This also works for levels, minigames, and characters I personally discovered it today and tried it. I now have every costume except sweet tooth. I don't have twisted metal black

Unlimited lives when facing a boss

Are you facing a boss and you are on the last stage of it but you cant beat him? Lets say you use all of your lives, then a sighn should come up that says "Replay" or "Quit". Click replay and you will come back in the battle but you will have all of your lives and health and the boss will still have the same health


In Club Calendra you can erupt the volcano by slamming jump and forward triangle the crater full of lava. you can also do this in Volcano except you have to slam the biggest spout and unlike Club Calendra the fireballs will home in on your enemies.

Ez way to beat Cerebulon. Last

When you first enter, you will see a pillar to your right. You are going to need it to block the full blast of the laser. After he will give you a chance to do some damage to him, pick something up when he does. Keep doing this until you get to the sixth pillar on the left, there should be a gasoline truck near. Use it on him to end the first form. At the beginning of the fight, there should be two chunks to the left. Use the first one and head for the second and use it. The first one, which should already bounced off him is now reuseable,use it. Repeat this with the second one If you can.. Continue this process with chunks one and two and with any others you can find. This is the last form of this guy/girl. Jump over him and run over to the electricity and block, face away from the electricity and at him. Keep holding down R2 until he is dead.

Unlock Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal: Black

Use a completed save game from Twisted Metal: Black on your memory card to start the game. This will make Sweet Tooth available as Agamo's 4th Outfit.

Special Attack

In order to do this in the game there will bea red flashing square under the health bar.Push triangle Circle or Square X.

Back flip kick with Ultra VCharachter

In Battle push Circle, Circle, Circle,Triangle

Endurance coins but really easy

You may know about the "Get coins in endurance mode" cheat but here's how to do it easily. First hit the monster a few times. Then get on the tallest building and start shooting him with the square button must be aiming. Soon he will start pretty much not caring and just stand there. All you have to do is keep shooting him and do this over and over until your done. This does work but sometimes it takes longer for the bigger guys to not care.

How to defeat Togera the second monster

AT THE MONSTERCHARACTERselect screen choose Togera and when you start the battle hit square three times until yor character releases all his spikes and jump away from him and hit square and keep doing that until your monster will not fire any more.

Easy Tokens

The Easiest way I found to Get Tokens Is after you have beat the game load the final boss level again and then u can beat him over and over every time getting 30,000 points.

Make a Tsunami Wave

To make a title wave on the tsunopolis level look for a flying saucer floating over the water. Jump on one of the buildings closest to the flying saucer. Then throw an object at it. Make sure you are on a building or you will get hit by a wave.

Get Massive Tokens Endurance

The Best way I've found for getting massive amounts of Tokens is this: Go to Endurance mode pick your best Monster for me that's Congar. Pick Midtown Park Level. The best part of this level is it's just the right size and has plenty of power up's especially once the place is leveled. it's simple really keep your special up and keep on fighting. I did 108 fights before I finally gave up and let them kill me. it got me well over 100K tokens. Good luck.


choose a flying character.raptro or preytor as soon as the level begins use your dash attack. In the middle of the dash attack as soon as you see your wake ,hold the jump button down and youll keep rising until U touch the top of the battle field or touch another building , From there youll just normal glide. you can repeat this. using no energy for rising.and only weapons and physicals from other airborn monsters and some specials can also knock you down.
Its good for quick escapes. :-
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