Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - Winter Assault - Effect Code


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Press [Ctrl] [Shift] during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. You must enable cheat mode by entering the options and checking the "Allow Cheats" box:

Effect - Code

Get indicated amount of power - cheatpower [number]
Get indicated amount of requisition - cheatrequisition [number]
Suicide - cheatkillself
Reveal all FOW - cheatrevealall
Hide taskbar - taskbarhide
Show taskbar again - taskbarshow
Quit to Windows - quit
Clear console window - cls
Rainbow colors - rendertogglerainbow
See-through white textures - rendertogglexray
Colored wireframes - rendertogglewireframe
Toggle shaders - detailtoggle
Toggle banners and badges - decaltoggle
Toggle brown dust - fogtoggle
Change the distance where models lose detail - terrloddist [minimum, maximum]
Toggle model detail drop - terrlodtoggle
Dump static decal stats to file - staticdecaldump
Dump dynamic decal stats to file - dynamicdecaldump
Toggle shadows - shadowtoggle
Toggle mouseover stat bars - ingamestatsmouseovertoggle
Toggle stat bars - ingamestatstoggle
Remove selection boxes - ingameselectuitoggle
Objects closer than this value not drawn - simviscameranearclip "[meters]"
Hide objects further than this value - simviscamerafarclip "[meters]"
Display current game speed - getsimrate
Set game speed - setsimrate[number]
Screen update while console is up - simvisfxrefresh
Reads dataartebps files and lists handler usage - simvislist
Toggle subsystem visibility - simvistoggle "[channel name]"

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