The Warriors - Armies Of The Night game

The Warriors - Armies Of The Night game
Armies Of The Night game:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Armies Of The Night arcade machine at the hub. In this game, you play as Swan and Ajax in Double Dragon style stages. The object of the game is the save Mercy, who has been captured by the Riffs.

Credits mini-game:
Successfully complete the game, then during the ending credits you can play as the Riffs and fight against the Rogues on the beach.

Free items:
Go to a Flash dealer, and buy some Flash. Then, start to beat up the Flash dealer. When he fights back, hold Black and issue the command "Wreck 'em all ". When you and your team have killed the Flash dealer, he will drop the cash that you gave him, and sometimes some extra Flash.

To get free items, just beat up the dealer. They will drop at least one item that they are selling. For free Flash, pay 40 for two Flash, then beat him up to get the third Flash for free, plus the money you just gave him. Once you can carry four Flashes, use the same technique, but pay for three to get the fourth for free. For free paint, you can only carry nine paint cans. Buy eight and get the ninth for free by using the beat-down method; you will also get your 40 back. For free knives, when you are able to pay for knives from a dealer, it is best that you do not spend more than 150. Each knife is worth 50. Pay for three and get the fourth for free. Note: The beat down method does not work when you need information from the bums sitting on the ground. Do not give them any more than 2. To get it back from them, do not beat them down; instead, mug them for it.

Increasing stamina:
There is an area once you get inside of the Warriors hideout where you can work out. You will be able to do chin ups, sit ups, push ups, and a heavy bag. At the end of each chapter you will be able to workout to increase your stamina. However, you will not be able to start working out until after Chapter 3. There are ten ranks for each exercise. They are as follows, with "R" being rank, and "/" being within seconds:

Chin Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/32 sec., R7=15/29 sec., R8=15/26 sec., R9=20/40 sec., R10=20/35 sec.

Sit Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/32 sec., R7=15/29 sec., R8=15/26 sec., R9=20/40 sec., R10=20/35 sec.

Push Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/19 sec., R4=10/17 sec., R5=10/15 sec., R6=15/28 sec., R7=15/24 sec., R8=15/20 sec., R9=20/30 sec., R10=20/25 sec.

Heavy Bag: R1=10/25 sec., R2=10/23 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/33 sec., R7=15/31 sec., R8=15/29 sec., R9=15/27 sec., R10=15/25 sec.

Point requirements:
Each level requires a certain amount of points to unlock soldiers for your create-a-gang, an arena, or bonus rounds for when you are at home in Coney. You must also complete the Bonus Objectives as well. Use the following key: "HSN" is high score needed; "SU" is soldiers unlocked; "AU" is arenas unlocked; and "BO" is bonus objectives.

Chapter 1 New Blood: HSN = 5,000, SU = 1
Chapter 2 Real Live Bunch: HSN = 2,000, SU = 10
Chapter 3 Pay Back: HSN = 17,000, SU = 22, BO = 3
Chapter 4 Blackout: HSN = 12,000, SU = 24, BO = 2, AU = 1
Chapter 5 Real Heavy Rep: HSN = 7,000, SU = 12, BO = 2, AU = 2
Chapter 6 Writer's Block: HSN = 8,000, SU = 18, AU = 1
Chapter 7 Adios Amigo: HSN = 7,000, SU = 15, BO = 2, AU = 4
Chapter 8 Encore: HSN = 2,000, SU = 2, AU = 1
Chapter 9 Payin' The Cost: HSN = 1,000, SU = 14, AU = 1
Chapter 10 Destroyed: HSN = 8,000, SU = 4, BO = 1, AU1
Chapter 11 Boys In Blue: HSN = 9,000, SU = 10, BO = 1, AU = 3
Chapter 12 Set Up: HSN = 15,000, SU = 29, BO = 3, AU = 1
Chapter 13 All City: HSN = 15,000, SU = 18, BO = 1, AU = 1
Chapter 14 Desperate Dudes: HSN = 7,000, SU = 18, BO = 2, AU = 1
Chapter 15 No Permits, No Parley: HSN = 10,000, SU = 7, BO = 1
Chapter 16 Home Run: HSN = 2,000, SU = 1, AU = 1
Chapter 17 Friendly Faces: HSN = 2,000, SU = 13, AU = 1
Chapter 18 Come Out To Play: HSN = 2,000, SU = 20
Flashback A Roots: HSN = 9,000, SU = 18, AU = 1
Flashback B The Best: HSN = 6,000, SU = 2, BO = 1, AU = 1
Flashback C Heavy Muscle: HSN = 9,000, SU = 13, BO = 2, AU = 1
Flashback D Scout's Honor: HSN = 9,000, SU = 29, BO = 1, AU = 2
Flashback E Sharp Dressed Man: HSN = 11,000 SU = 28, BO = 1, AU = 1
Flashback Coney Turf: SU = 2, BO = 17 will be completed over time
Armies Of The Night arcade game: SU = 12, AU = 3 arcade game must be completed to get soldiers and arenas

Turnbull AC's Chase:
Use the following method to escape them. Continuously hold down White to remain ahead of them. Also, try and keep the controller toggle pulled towards you dead center. The buttons configuration is as follows: Y, A, Y, A2, Y3.