We Were Here

We Were Here

The Theatre Puzzle Solution:

In this guide you can find solution of The Theatre Puzzle.

Starting the Puzzle:
To start the puzzle for both sides, the librarian has to activate the theatre
by using the grammophon on the stage. This also triggers the time limit.

Main Puzzle:
In order to solve the puzzle, the explorer has to move the correct figures
(cardboard cutouts) on the stage by using the given five levers.
If all figures are in the correct position a sound will play.
The scene can then be logged in by using the "scene-lever".

To get the necessary information to solve the puzzle, the librarian has
to listen to the grammophon after activating.

By listening to the grammophon the librarian will hear the following

"There once was a castle filled with lives".

Answer: Caste + Crowd.
Play scene.

"And there lived a king and his wife".

Answer: Castle + King + Queen.
Play scene.

"All were happy and all was good".

Answer: Castle + King + Queen + Crowd.
Play scene.

"Until the king killed all he could".

Answer: Castle + King With Sword + Queen + Crowd.
Play scene.

"Standing in blood, he proudly said".

Answer: King + Blood Light.
Play scene.

The trap door should open now.