Wipeout Pure - Beta Tournament


Total votes: 8
Beta Tournament:
Finish in first place on all Alpha Tournament tracks.

Ascension Tournament:
Finish in first place on all Beta Tournament tracks.

Zone Team:
Finish with a gold medal on all Zone tracks Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Coridon 12, and Syncopia.

Win a track with a gold medal. Then, enter your profile menu and select "Progress". Highlight the track that was completed with a gold medal and press X.

Karbonis Track Classic

Earn Gold in the eight 8 Alpha and Beta league courses.

Medieval Team

Earn 70 Gold medals

Zone Team

Earn Gold medals on all four Zone tracks.

Craft Classes

Flash - Complete Alpha, Beta, and Ascension with gold standards.
Livery - Complete the Ascension Tournament with vehicles from the Flash class.


0 golds: Rookie
12 golds: Trainee
24 golds: Amateur
36 golds: Geek
48 golds: Enthusiast
60 golds: Addict
72 golds: Veteran
84 golds: Master
96 golds: Guru
108 golds: Junkie
120 golds: Legend
132 golds: Purist

Speed Boost

Press the accelerate key when the light turns green to get a speed boost. When in airborne, press LEFT and RIGHT repeatedly in quick succcession to get a speed boost upon landing.

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