Wolfenstein 3D - Level Select


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Level Select

Start the game with the commandline parameter 'tedlevel '. equals the episode and level numbers minus one.

Difficulty Select

Start the game with the commandline parameters 'baby' 'easy' 'normal' 'hard'.

Infinite Lives

Start the game with the Level Select and Difficulty Select commandline parameters.

Full Health Ammo Keys Chain Gun

During gameplay press L I M.

Commander Keen Cheat Message

During gameplay press A B T.

Debug Mode

Start the game with the commandline parameter 'GOOBERS'. When in the game press Alt LShift Backspace. Now during gameplay press any of the following:

Tab G God Mode
Tab W Select Level
Tab I Free Items
Tab X Extra Stuff
Tab S Slow Motion Effect
Tab B Change Border Color
Tab C Display Number of Items Doors Actors
Tab E Skip Two Levels
Tab F Displays Coordinates
Tab H Lose Health
Tab M Display Memory Usage
Tab P Pause without Message
Tab Q Exit Game
Tab T View Graphics and Play Sounds
Tab V Add Extra VBLs

100 Health Full Ammo Largest Gun All Keys

During gameplay press M L S.

Freeze Enemies

Save your game as 1234. Sometimes a door or button will be stuck so remember to quicksave.
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