World War III: Black Gold


Total votes: 38
Code Effect
moneyfornothing Extra Money
mybrainisfaster Change Research Speed
ultrascience Very Fast Research
nobelprize 1 All Research Complete
sciencefornothing Cheaper Research
moonlight Reveal Current Area
beautifulworld Reveal Entire Map
hide Hide Current Map
hereyouare View ENemy Buildings and Units
tromaville Weaken All Enemy Structures in Current Viewing Area
byebye Destroy All Enemy Units
judgementday Destroy All Enemy Units and Structures in Viewing Area
smash Damage Center of Screen
shower Large Amount of Damage on Screen
gohome Destroy All of your Units
idkfa Heal and Rearms All Selected Units
limitup Set Limit for Total Number of Units that can be Commanded in a GlobalType Setting
newone ???

Submitted in part by Ice Chan

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