Yakuza 4

Yakuza 4 Yakuza 4


History Buff (Bronze)
Objective: View all Reminiscences from YAKUZA to YAKUZA 3.

4 Substories (Bronze)
Objective: Complete or finish four substories.

20 Substories (Bronze)
Objective: Complete or finish twenty substories.

40 Substories (Bronze)
Objective: Complete or finish forty substories.

Gourmet of Kamurocho (Bronze)
Objective: Order something at least once at each restaurant.

Way of the Key Master (Bronze)
Objective: Open five coin lockers.

The Joy of Gifting (Bronze)
Objective: Have a hostess wear a present you give her.

After-Work Hookup (Bronze)
Objective: Have a hostess invite you on an after-work date.

Fashionista (Bronze)
Objective: Gather at least one outfit from each category in 'Hostess Maker.'

Business Card Hunter (Bronze)
Objective: Receive business cards from all hostesses, including ones you train in 'Hostess Maker.'

Emblem Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Collect ten emblems from survivors during gang encounters.

Star of the Coliseum (Bronze)
Objective: Acquire the title 'Star of the Coliseum.'

Master in Training (Bronze)
Objective: Have one of your apprentices win the Rookie Tournament in 'Fighter Maker.'

Weapon Master (Bronze)
Objective: Create one or more weapons for each weapon category.

Revelation Seeker (Bronze)
Objective: Acquire three Revelations.

VIP Member (Bronze)
Objective: Become a VIP member at the massage parlor.

Table Tennis Pro (Bronze)
Objective: Smash the ball three times in one match.

The Human Jukebox (Bronze)
Objective: Sing all songs at karaoke.

Hat Trick (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve a hat trick in darts.

First Carom (Bronze)
Objective: Win the first point in Four-Ball pool.

Boiled Turkey (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve a turkey in bowling.

Novice Gambler (Bronze)
Objective: Play all non-casino gambling games.

Casino Rookie (Bronze)
Objective: Play all casino gambling games.

Welcome to SEGA (Bronze)
Objective: Play all minigames at Club SEGA.

Way of the Pachinko King (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the trophy prize in pachinko.

Shogi Promotion (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve a promotion in shogi.

Seven Pairs (Bronze)
Objective: Collect two of each different tile pattern in mahjong.

Captain Two-fer (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully hit two panels at once at the batting center.

Mr. Outdoors (Bronze)
Objective: Golf and fish five times each.

Walking Bank (Bronze)
Objective: Possess 10,000,000 yen or more.

Kamurocho Iron Man (Bronze)
Objective: Traverse 100 kilometers or more.

Kamurocho Stampede King (Bronze)
Objective: Knock over 100 people you pass by.

Memo Master (Bronze)
Objective: Collect all Memos in the Pause Menu.

Heir to the Powerful (Silver)
Objective: Max out all characters to level 20.

Indomitable (Silver)
Objective: Clear Normal Mode without reverting to Easy Mode.

Akiyama Award (Silver)
Objective: Earn 1,000,000 yen playing as Akiyama.

Saejima Award (Silver)
Objective: Purchase five hand guns playing as Saejima.

Tanimura Award (Silver)
Objective: Acquire 10,000 casino points playing as Tanimura.

Kiryu Award (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 100 weapons you pick up playing as Kiryu.

Secret Trophies

Part 1 Cleared (Bronze)
Objective: Clear Part 1 of the story.

Part 2 Cleared (Bronze)
Objective: Clear Part 2 of the story.

Part 3 Cleared (Bronze)
Objective: Clear Part 3 of the story.

Part 4 Cleared (Bronze)
Objective: Clear Part 4 of the story.

Kamurocho Tree Hugger (Bronze)
Objective: Pick up 20 pieces of trash around the city.

Heir to the Ultimate (Silver)
Objective: Clear all Ultimate Skill missions.

Thank You (Gold)
Objective: Clear the Finale.

Heir to the Legend (Gold)
Objective: Clear Extra Hard Mode.

Amon Defeated (Gold)
Objective: Defeat Amon and get through all the substories.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Objective: Acquire all trophies in the game.