Zoo Empire - 100000


Total votes: 52
Press Shift [A] [C] during game play.

Unlock All Animals:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [T] during game play.

Staff Morale - 100:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [Z] during game play

All Reasearch:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [S] during game play

Zoo Rating - 100:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [X] during game play

All Animals Happy:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [D] during game play

Compled Scenario:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [W] during game play

Unlock All Scenarios:
Press [Shift] [Alt] [L] during game play

Special animals:
You can unlock animals such as the Asian Black Bear, Przwlaski's Wild Horse, Albino Gorilla, Chinese Alligator, etc. Research the strongest fence and go to the bottom of the list of animals. All the ones after the Chinese Alligator are the ones that can be unlocked unlock during scenarios. Rainforest Zoo has the Przwlaski's Wild Horse and Asian Black Bear. Condition:Critical has the Albino Gorilla and Asian Black Bear.

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