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The first artifacts were found about three hundred years ago. Left by some long-dead alien race, strange mysterious devices were found all over the galaxy. Dubbed Mysterium Technology (or "MysTech" for short), these ancient machines are considered prized collectables, even though their purpose has never been fully understood.

Perhaps left behind by the same mysterious race, interstellar travel proved possible by planet-sized spheres in space called Senders. By flying toward one of the spikes on its surface, a ship is shot through a hyperspace tunnel, and can travel across the boundless reaches of space to another Sender. Senders have become the hubs of lucrative trade and galactic civilization. At the center of the universe lay Sender One, and inside the shell of this titanic Sender floated the city of Anachronox.

Theory has it that Anachronox was once home to millions of quarantined aliens who slowly died of some sort of horrible plague (Anachronox literally means "poison from a previous time"), leaving this city to fall to ruins, to be taken over by the refuse of the galaxy as the center of their nefarious dealings. Here our story begins

Sylvester "Sly" Boots sat in Rowdy's, a seedy bar on the seediest street in a section of Anachronox called "the Bricks". After being beat up for not paying off a debt in time, Boots realizes he's gotta get a job or he's dead meat. He gets work as a bodyguard, hired by an old man named Grumpos. They travel to a planet, which suddenly splits in half! Boots is thrown into a large galactic mystery of who is trying to crush our universe and why. Soon Sly is joined by his lackey robot, an old flame turned mercenary, his holographic secretary, and a renegade scientist on a journey across six planets, trying to find the answer....

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