Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX


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There are no shaved legs and skinny tires in this kind of biking. This is about busting big air tricks and landing them hard with the slap of your wheels. It's about pushing yourself to the edge and savoring the rush when you finally nail that new freestyle move. It's about the most intense, work-the-bike-for-all-it's-worth athletes in competition today. This is a game about BMX.

The only BMX game to feature the current king of BMX, 10-Time World Champion Dave Mirra, and his heir apparent, 1999 Dirt Circuit Champion, Ryan Nyquist. Authentic BMX moves featured in game were motion captured by Mirra and Nyquist at Woodward Camp.

Ride as Mirra, Nyquist or 8 other top pros leading the sport in the new millennium: Leigh Ramsdell, Mike Laird, Troy McMurray, Kenan Harkin, Joey Garcia, Shaun Butler, Chad Kagy and Tim Mirra.

Innovative open trick system lets you start with basic tricks and modify them to create new moves using the modifier button: Expand your repertoire to more than 1,300 different high scoring moves. Mix any trick with any other trick for endless possibilities!

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