The Devil Inside


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Los Angeles, beginning of the 21st century.

Dave Ackland, a former cop turned journalist, now carries out his investigations for the local TV channel specialising in the weird and bazaar. But Dave is no ordinary person, he has a strange and unusual power - He can change into his delectable female double, the devilish Deva, a leather clad devil with supernatural powers.
On the evening of Halloween, Dave enters into a haunted house where heinous crimes have been committed. He will have to fight against the living dead that now possess this building to solve the crimes and lay the evil to rest once and for all.
Meanwhile back at the studio, the host of the show Jack T. Ripper begins the live coverage, following Dave and Deva's every move, in front of a studio audience that is increasingly eager to see the macabre. This evening will be the highest rating the show has seen…but at what cost? Devil Inside…to achieve the highest ratings, some people will go to Hell and back!

A game of action/adventure created by the author of the Alone in the Dark series, Hubert Chardeau.
Set in the strange world of American "real life" TV, starring the two main characters, Dave and his female double, Deva.
More than 50 different enemies, each one more macabre and vicious that the next.
7 different weapons, 8 psychic powers and many detailed and atmospheric levels.
An exceptional production in terms of camera action and hyper-realistic animations of the characters.

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