Doom III Leaked Demo!

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Yes, this is the real thing. This is the leaked demo for Doom III. We've played it and it rocks, check out our screenshots.

This E3 Doom III demo contains three playable levels and is available through different file sharing programs. Some are legitimate and some are not, therefore download at your own risk.

Instructions for playing Doom 3 demo:

1. Visit and download WinRAR version 3.0. After you download WinRAR, install it. Open the rar file for Doom 3 which you downloaded (doom_iii.rar) using WinRAR. Once the file is open in WinRAR, click the "Extract To" button, choose a directory to extract the game to, and hit "ok." After the files are done extracting, open the folder which you extracted it too, and go on to step 2.

2. In your Doom_IIIbase directory, open the runact.cfg file.

3. Comment out the last line. In other words, add the "#" sign in front of the string "devmap $e3_intro" so it looks like the following:

#devmap $e3_intro

4. Launch the game using the main exe file.

5. Press the tilde key (~) to bring down the console (just like Q3)

6. Type the following: exec runact.cfg

7. Hit enter, and wait. Seriously, it takes about 5 mins to load all the everything.

8. Once it is done, you can launch the intro movie, or play yourself.

9. From the console, use the following commands:
map e3/intro (Loads intro movie)
map e3/e3_1 (Loads first map)
map e3/e3_2 (Loads second map)
map e3/e3_3 (Loads third map)
map fred/e3bathroom5 (won't work for some people)

Changing controls:
From the console, type: bindlist

This will list all the currently bound keys and their functions. Use the page up and page down keys to scroll through the list. The controls for standard movement are not bound to the regular WASD config, so type the following to put it back to normal:
bind w _forward
bind s _back
bind a _moveleft
bind d _moveright

Checking FPS: type com_drawfps 1

If you experience any problems, please go to the MegaGames Forums and post your questions there.

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