Helldivers 2 Master Chief Mod v1.0

Helldivers 2 Master Chief Mod v1.0 Helldivers 2 Master Chief Mod v1.0

Master Chief armor set replacing one variation of the B-01 Tactical armor and helmet. Also includes an invisible replacement for the Liberty's Herald cape.



Helldivers 2 is a multiplayer game with anti-cheat measures. While a client-side cosmetic mod is unlikely to trigger those measures (and has yet to do so in hours of personal testing), modding of any sort is done entirely at the risk of the end-user and neither ToastedShoes, Kboy, Nexus Mods, or any other entity can be held responsible for damages that may result from utilizing mods. You have been warned!

PSA About File Conflicts

Now that 3 separate cosmetic mods are available on the Nexus, we'd like to take a moment to explain "patches" and how they work. These cosmetic mods leverage a patching system built into the engine utilized by Helldivers 2 to, well, patch what we want! Each patch has a number determining its load order, starting from 0. As of writing, all cosmetic mods have utilized the same patch number of patch 0, but this is not necessary! If you would like to use multiple mods together that do NOT conflict by way of their actual contents (such as both Master Chief and Clone Trooper replacing the same B-01 Tactical armor set), it's as simple as renaming each mod's three files to have your desired order, such as patch_1, patch_2, etc!

We are also looking into automating the numbering process using a Mod Organizer 2 plugin. Stay tuned!


Unzip the downloaded archive from the Files tab and place its files in the game's data directory, located at <your steam library>\steamapps\common\Helldivers 2\data.


Set your Helldiver to use the Brawny body type. Equip the variant of the B-01 Tactical armor and helmet which is clearly the correct appearance. Optionally equip the Liberty's Herald cape which has been made invisible.

Limitations / Known Issues

  • The mod requires your Helldiver to use the brawny body type in order for it to appear correctly.
  • Using this mod may cause other armors which utilize the same base mesh components to appear incorrectly.
  • Dismemberment is busted and may cause vertex stretching/explosions.

File information

File name: Helldivers2_MasterChief-v1.0.zip

File size: 55.04 MB

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