Total War: Warhammer III's latest DLC will release on April 30

Total War: Warhammer III's latest DLC will release on April 30

The worst kept secret in Total War is now official: The Thrones of Decay DLC for Total War: Warhammer III will release on April 30, giving fantasy generals only just over a week to decide which lord will become their first new playthrough.

News in brief

  • Thrones of Decay releases on April 30
  • It introduces new content for three races
  • The DLC arrives at the same time as a huge new patch


Thrones of Decay will introduce a number of new legendary lords, heroes, generals, and other content for three different races, in a similar manner to the last DLC, Shadows of Change. This time around, it focuses on the Empire (Germans), Nurgle (smelly demons), and Dwarfs (short beardy guys), and all of the content in the DLC is available to buy as separate packs — so if you just want the Dwarf content, you don't have the buy the rest.

But it's not all about the paid DLC, as the DLC will release at the same time as patch 5.0. This patch, available for everyone, will apply a boatload of changes and tweaks for the three races impacted by the DLC. Hefty reworks are in store for the Empire and the Dwarfs, as these two races debuted in Warhammer I, and despite reworks in Warhammer II, both are desperately in need of updates compared to newer races with shinier toys. The Nurgle race is newer and less in need of updates, but it definitely needed tweaking, as it was considered one of the worst races to play in the game.

This DLC marks a big change in the way Creative Assembly package their Warhammer III DLC. There's being able to buy the DLC in separate chunks, as we've mentioned, but it's also worth noting that there would likely have been a lot less in the DLC as a whole, had it not been for the furore around the Shadows of Change DLC. Fans felt overcharged for that DLC, which added content and made changes for the Tzeentch, Cathay, and Kislev factions, and the uproar eventually led to Creative Assembly adding even more content to the DLC, for free. As such, Thrones of Decay is even more rammed full than it would have been otherwise, and that is a very good thing for fans.