Our commitment to safety and security

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Since our inception in July 1998, MegaGames has been at the forefront of serving the hardcore gaming community. Our commitment extends beyond providing content; it encompasses ensuring the safety and security of our users. Here, we detail our approach to security and offer guidance on how users can protect themselves.


Safety: A Core Consideration


Safety is paramount in a digital environment, especially for a website like ours with a plethora of downloadable assets. We understand the concerns surrounding the download of trainers, often mistakenly flagged as malicious by antivirus programs. To address this, we recommend using Windows Defender, a robust tool for safeguarding your system against real threats without interfering with your gaming experience.


Our Safety Protocols


SSL Encryption: We employ SSL encryption across our website, ensuring that all data transactions are secure and protected against unauthorized access.

Data Protection: At MegaGames, your privacy is a priority. We do not engage in selling user data or sending unsolicited communications. Your information is used solely to enhance your experience on our site.

Proactive File Management: Our team is vigilant in monitoring the safety of the files available on our site. Upon receiving any notification of potential security issues, we promptly remove the implicated files to prevent any risk to our users.


Tips for User Safety


While we do our utmost to ensure a secure environment, users also play a vital role in maintaining their online safety. Here are some suggestions:


  • Keep Windows Defender, up to date.
  • Be cautious with downloads, particularly from unverified sources/sites.
  • Use strong, unique passwords for different online platforms.
  • Stay informed about cybersecurity practices and potential threats.


In summary, the safety of our users is a fundamental aspect of our operations at MegaGames. We continuously strive to provide a secure platform for the hardcore gaming community. By following these guidelines and utilizing the safety features we provide, users can enjoy a secure gaming experience.


Thank you for being a part of the MegaGames community, where gaming and safety go hand in hand.