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The For Liberty! Demo features a hypothetical southern campaign from April to October 1780. You must stop the raiding Indians and must also fight a full British brigade. Most gameplay features are enabled in the Demo, you can even play the tactical battles!

TCP/IP and PBEM multiplayer are not available in this version, but if there is interest the developer will release a multiplayer enabled demo in the future.

In addition to the American Revolution, don't forget that the full game also features an entire other theater of operations: Hungary during the Rakoczi Independence War. This was the eastern conflict that occured during the Spanish Inheritance War (1703-1711). It is a completely different experience from war in the colonies and features fort sieges and much more fluid use of cavalry.

Demo Features:

- Ability to play in both Strategic Mode and Tactical Battles
- Control the Colonial Army against Native Indians and British troops
- Transport Units by Sea
- Naval Bombardments
- Pillage towns and cities
- Recruit and Train new units
- Multiplayer via Hot-Seat

Demo limitations:

- Playing time restricted to 6 months
- Recruitment disabled except for Indians and Militia units
- Random Events disabled
- Available Units limited to : Indians, Infantry, Militia, Cannon, Dragoons and Heavy Cannon (only in the fort)
- Map restricted to the Southern portion of the US coast
- Next Army / Previous Army and Army List functions disabled
- British side only playable in Hot-Seat
- Only a dozen historical leaders are available on each side (full game has over a 100 leaders per side)

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